hello ep admin i would like to suggest a new suggestion hoping the members will agree and like this idea. Its come to my conclusion that members who have blocked u without u knowing it then come to ur stoires or ur profile and write something mean and nasty toward u but u cant respond. what im asking isnt much but for u to consider mutual blocking where if u are blocked by someone or u block someone u/they are also blocked from viewing ur profile. plse consider this idea and for those that read this story and comment plse consider this as well. ive herd to many pple tell me they where blocked by someone they dont know but they in return post stories about them without giving that person a chance to respond to them. mutual blocking needs to happen thank u and take care
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I agree on the blocking policy is not the best at all. I say this because there is no recourse, no ability to learn why, contact the blocker later. The blocker could later change their mind and still can make contact, but there is not a way to respond since the other is blocked and the person who did it, forgot they did. That really sucks big time.

Yeah I would like that. I did get blocked before and it sucks that the other person can write bad stuff and you can't even reply to them.

that's what I was saying

Agreed!!! It should be automatic.

If allowing blocking to go through evaluation process is unable to be a choice then Saints suggestion is the best one!

thank u

I only had one bad experience with something like that. The lady wrote a really vitriolic letter to me and then promptly blocked me so I couldn't respond to her. I just went and blocked her, deleted her nasty letter. But Arsineh is right. The person could be nasty before blocking you, and then do it.

ok i think some of u are gettin this and some arent when i say mutual blocking it prevents a person when they have blocked u or vice verssa from going to that persons profile to harrass them and see what they've wrote or to comment on their stories like ive stated many times u may have been blocked by someone and not know they have blocked u it would cease futher harrassment and drama on this site

I understood that. Would that make everything they have already written disappear? Now that would be good. I going and blocking a person would then, not only prevent the blocker from writing and harassing the blockee, but would also automatically delete anything they have already written on the blockee's wall or inbox or comments on stories, or responses to questions. That would certainly stop things like what I described from happening. When that woman blocked me, her letter would have disappeared from my inbox and I would never have been bothered by it in the first place. Her purpose would have been defeated.

Why don't you just block them manually?

because idk whos blocked me to get what im sayin it would be like if i blocked u or u blocked me with out me/u knowin it

Okay I understand now!!! It would be better if no one knows who blocked you too hahaha

That's very funny

The people who block you but never say anything (so you do not know who they are) are not the problem though. The problem is caused by people who make snide remarks to you, and then you realise you cannot respond because they have blocked you - you DO know who those are, so you can block anyone who makes a snide remark. Problem solved!

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um there mita been some cofussion on this i said vote not rate up my story its a three letter word yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes YES!

I agree 100%. Although I've never been in your shoes with people out to attack me, I can easily see how this could go awry in a hurry. That isn't fair that the blocked person is able to make snide remarks yet you have no recourse in defending (if you so choose to do so) yourself.<br />
<br />
I personally disagree with giving those "blockees" a figurative second chance as that is counter to the whole point of blocking in the first place. In EP's defense, just imagine trying to keep up with who is blocking who at any given time and THEN people who unblock others. It's a far from perfect system, but it seems to work.

but u seem to understand where im coming from idc who blocks me cause of the fact they dont have to like me but when they come to my profile and attack me there with out me being able to respond i have issues with that id rather see it as i blocked u and ive been blocked from u it takes out all the snide remarks and takes out the viewing of ur profile

I couldn't agree more Saints. I think it's completely stupid and unfair and it should be addressed by the staff. Unfortunately, what you say means nothing :) lol

true but atleast i got someone on my back

sorry ment got my back

Agreed .... if someone HAS BLOCKED you they should be able to continue to send you messages, post on your stories or respond to your comments....BLOCKING a person means you don't want to communicate with them, so it is harassment to comtinue to have what is essentially a one sided conversation about them.

Yea, I'm not too interested in hopping on your back unless you'll also go to work for me lol

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arsineh its not that its members who have blocked pple but write about them anyway without any possible way to defend or respond to it mutual blocking is better that way cause if u do decide to unblock that person then theres no harm no foul

Thank you for this suggestion. By not automatically blocking in both directions we give members who may have intentionally selected the block option a way to recognize the mistake and make a change. <br />
<br />
I recognize your frustration over seeing a post and not being able to respond however, even if we were to do a mutual block a member could post before deciding to block. In this case, deleting the post and blocking is the best solution. If you feel this member continues to attack you and violates our terms of service, please flag the member so we can address it.