Tantrums About Blocking

Recently I have been having people that come harass me on my posts and using the Block option as a tool to avoid further harassment I blocked them.

But what happened is that they felt offended ranting about it on someone else's post saying I was breaking EP TOS by blocking them.

Okay really as far as I know it is not against EP TOS to block members that harass you!!!!

In any case they kept on harassing me on someone else's post... Now that is against EP TOS and not me blocking them!!!

I really do not understand why some people want to report you because you block them?

Such reports should be overlooked since there must be a reason why they got blocked in the first place - being an unwanted user on their posts.

I just thought I had to share to be clear; to make people realize why the Block option is there - to prevent harassment and not to continue harassing someone on other people's posts because you got deprived of the right of doing it on the person's post who blocked you!
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5 Responses May 8, 2012

The decision to block is a personal one that we leave up to each individual member. We encourage use of the tool whenever a member feels the need to cut off interaction with a members.<br />
<br />
If the member tries to go around the block by creating a second account or posts public attacks, please flag the member/behavior and contact EP Support so we can address the situation.<br />
<br />
Posting public stories or retaliating with attacks is not an appropriate solution and is also a violation of our community guidelines.

I read the story. The story was not only about personal feuding, which I try to steer clear of. It included a recommendation for changing EP's policies about blocking. That recommendation was what EPDan responded to, not the feuding. I think EPDan is a good fellow from what I've seen of him so far.

Oh well then you did not see the comments of certain members harassing me and complaining and whining for getting blocked by me calling me names etc.

I saw those, yes. That's why I said "The story was not only about personal feuding, which I try to steer clear of." But there was also a proposal for changing EP policy.

ep encourages you to block those that are harassing you. i can't see where blocking someone is a violation.

Yes I sent an e-mail to EpSupport - EPDan was the one that commented on the story about how it was okay for them saying that I blocked them and it being against TOS he even applauded the user who posted the story harassing me because I blocked his arse... I would like epArsineh to explain to me why this is allowed and why EPDan supported this member in his claim as to why my blocking of him (the member and not epDan) was against EP TOS?

yea my friend in my circle had to change their user name cause of it

yea ihave a friend on here who is constantly harrased by someone who makes accounts delets them makes another one and does the same thing over and over again and when he brought it to epadmin attention with the persons user name they tell him its against ep tos to mention the name now why is it when i read a story last night i saw kitten's name more then once by pple even had a epadmin person comment on the story why is that not against tos?

Let's see what arsineh would think...that is why I posted this to get her opinion!