I Like Being Random

I noticed there is no longer a "go random" button on the groups. I liked using that to find new groups. Also, what happened to the "plan to" button next to "me too"? We don't access to our goals anymore? I couldn't find mine. Not that thats a big deal.But I am finding it harder to find new groups to join and I had fun with that.
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4 Responses May 8, 2012

but isn't it healthier to aspire towards a "goal" than to plan on a "future experience"<br />
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all these EP changes just muddle me up a bit...

Thanks for sharing this with us and expressing your concern--You can find goals that you created in the past by visiting your profile page and clicking on your 'future' folder under experiences. <br />
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Though we removed the 'random' option from the header dropdown you can still discover new interesting groups on EP by clicking on the story tab on the site header.

I also often use "go radom" option. It was a good use in browsing EPstories. Sad it has to be elimanated as an options.

~oooohwee~ where DID my goals go? I hade me some funny ones.<br />
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wif cheese dip.<br />
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you are the ruling queen of group joining,I got dizzy just observing.