Scrolling Status Banner probably already know where I am going with this, ha ha... I have wanted to suggest this for some time, so I am glad that I am finally getting around to it....

I often have more than one thing at a time which I would like to say in my status bar, and I am left having to decide whether I really want to change the one I I love the new thing that I would like to say so much that I want to remove the one I have now? What if I like what I have now? Can't we have both? Or more?

What if we could have our status scrolling by along the top of our page like one of those "crawls" they have on the cable news channels...a continuous feed, entering from the right, scrolling across to the left, and disappearing?

I think it would be fairly simple to implement: five boxes, or however many, that we can enter our status text into and then save it, or remove the one(s) we don't want and put something new in its place.

If a person wanted their status to remain fixed, they would have only one entry. Or we could temporarily deselect the ones we don't want to use, allowing people to also control the number of entries in the "scroll".

On the subject of what would be shown as the status in our friends list on our main profile page, it could either only show the first entry in the status list, or go through each status entry sequentially, each time the page is loaded. We certainly return to our profile page often enough to see all of them many times per visit to EP. This could also perhaps be a user-customizable selection, selected by radio button...which do you want people to see?

My final argument for why I like this idea...I think it would look reeeeeeally slick!
(Lol...for the younger EPeeps...slick =;-D...)

If you think this idea would be a neat addition to our profiles and should be implemented, please rate up this story to show your support. Thank you.

OH! And, please...tell your friends to please stop by and rate up this idea if you think they would like it, too! Thank you again!
BonVie BonVie
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3 Responses May 8, 2012

Interesting idea! Thanks for sharing this! Definitely something we'll discuss with our team as a possible new feature.

Well, thank you so much! I'm glad you think it is a workable addition! I am excited to see it in action, if that is to be!

I love this idea! Sometimes I get really attached to a particular status, on the rare occasion that I come up with something really hilarious. I hate having to get rid of it because something else pops into my head.

Sweet! I am glad to see that I am not the only person whom this would benefit! Thank you for rating up this story!

That's a great idea!!!

Thank you so much, and I appreciate you rating it up!

it's a great idea and would help me out, as I'm always thinking of several things at once lol

Wonderful! I'm glad it would help you out, as it would me! :-)