So You're Not Going To Fix Things?

Everything I've asked NOW in a year is not getting fixed? And it is annoying me.

Still see empty feed more and more. Instead of ...  When I've asked for more.

Now you just taken away the Status and Mood feed. (Which I have asked for here 20 times in a year.) Taken the Group away that people are responding to. Everything is speculation and guessing now. Taking forever to get around on this site for everything.

What a PITA!  (    )  (   )
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2 Responses May 8, 2012

Thanks for sharing--What specifically do you mean by 'empty feed' what's missing? The more detail you can provide the faster we can find the issue.<br />
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Both mood and status appear on the activity feed. <br />
<br />
We have been improving the profile feed ba<x>sed on community feedback. With millions of members we can't always make everyone happy with each change though we can make changes that will be a big improvement for the majority on the site. <br />
<br />
The feed is still under construction and there will be future improvements made. In the end we hope to provide a feed that is more personalized for each member, where members can pick and choose what matters most to them and what type of content they want to see in their feed.

Right now, why can't all the Comments also show what Group they are in? Again when I go to a Group, why can't all the Stories in the Context give me their Dates &amp; Time? For Starts.

Another issue that many of us have ask EP Staff about is if they would allow us to have the PMs of Deleted Members. I just had a member delete their Profile and lost the PMs. This for 2 years is still not fixed. This is those many things I am referring to. And again I am really annoyed about more crap like this happening on here. (I'm annoyed with this as well right now!) I had 10 PMs Deleted.

agreed. i miss the old ep. :/