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Since the new layout kicked in , posting stories are really not easy to do. when you click on your stories ep gives you a choice of only so many of your categories to post in opening a space to type but that has no way of adding pics or video.. and if im looking for a story i wrote...impossible. this will make me not write at all anymore, because it really is a very big pain in the bum. 

I love ep...but it makes me so mad sometimes :(

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Heya sorry i am on my phone and new to this and jw if someone could help me i dont no how to post my own comment on my wall?? I cant fined anywere to right what i am thinking pls helpp mee x

Glad you're happy Miss! Member feedback is invaluable and as we work to make improvements it's so important to hear from our members to be sure that the changes we're making are in fact making the site easier and more enjoyable to use.<br />
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So, please keep the feedback coming.

We were testing out a way of writing stories that wasn't as confusing, since in the old way people accidentally shared stories in random groups that had nothing to do with the story. We realize that there are other issues with this new way though, like the inability to save drafts and upload images, so we'll return it to the old way until we can come up with something that is better in every way. Thanks for the feedback.

I hope the new way doesn't bring back that big white empty space on the top of our stories page. At least for me it was a total waste of realestate as I write all stories from the experience group I am sharing them with and never from my stories page.

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The part that allows you to post to a group "Share this story with the group:" is an autocompleter that lets you search through all of your groups. You should have access to post to any of the groups that you are a member of. It's not too much different from the previous autocompleter, but if there's something specific that you don't like, please let me know and I'll pass along the feedback. <br />
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I'll also pass along your feedback about uploading photos/videos.

Oh i c. I think you are in the group's part of the profile right? The thing that is updating in real time pauses when you hover over it so that you can join the group that interests you. If we don't pause it, the list might move as you click 'join', and you may inadvertently join a group you didn't intend to. That's why the feed pauses when you hover it. It's just to make joining groups easier.