New! Volunteer To Be A Beta Tester + Help Build A Better EP!

It's no secret, we LOVE hearing from you!  Your feedback is invaluable and helps us make EP a better place.

That's why we've come up with a new way for members to get more deeply involved in EP's development process.  In the past, we've read your suggestions for new features and/or improvements and have had to roll out changes/updates before we could get your feedback.  Sometimes you love the changes, sometimes there are bugs or updates that need to be made before you find it easy and enjoyable to use.  You see, though we always have the best intentions of making things better for our members, we're not always perfect, and that's what makes feedback from the community so vital. 

What we'd like to do is give member's who volunteer to be beta testers, the opportunity to get a sneak peek at new features and pages.  You'll have the opportunity to use these new features while they're still  'a work in progress' and where you can play an even bigger role in influencing what the finished product will look like and do.  

So, if you're interested in skipping to the front of the line and being among the very first on EP to see and comment on what our team is working on, visit your account settings and choose to become a 'beta tester'

Currently, beta testers will be asked to use and provide feedback on a new 'group feed' which we are looking to roll out to all profile pages, soon.  Unlike the existing profile group feed, this new version groups together activity around a single experience.  In sort, you'll no longer see one group flooding your feed.  

Interested in taking a look?  Visit your account settings and opt to become a 'beta tester'

And once you become a 'beta tester' and have an opportunity to use and familiarize yourself with the new feed, please let us know what you think!  

EPArsineh EPArsineh
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9 Responses May 11, 2012

Music background for profiles and larger Avi's/Logos, create our own profile themes by uploading our Image files of PDF or something like that. enough said.

EP Arsineh/EP Loren,I have tried this out however I do not see any changes,how am I to know when something is being tested?<br />
By the look of things you are not monitoring this post as there has yet again been NO FEEDBACK.<br />
I think Arsineh after requesting us to participate you should tell us what to expect.So many changes have been made to EP recently how are we volunteers supposed to know when something is on trial.I had opted in when I first made a comment here,I have just had a look to see if I was still opted in and to my surprise I was not.I did not opt out so did someone at EP staff log me out of the trial.Also I have noticed I can NOT opt in to trial out the other groups you have listed.Can you please give some feedback as to what is going on.<br />
garvan EP volunteer/sponsor

Arsineh,I fail to see why you have created this group if you are not going to respond to posts here.Yet again you have declined to reply to a personal message I have sent you,my messages are always related to my EP volunteer work and they always remain unanswered.
I am growing absolutely fed up of being ignored by you,I am asking questions in order to assist newcomers and never receive a response.
For you to override my personal message with one of your own asking for new members to contact EP Arsineh I feel sorry for the poor souls who do join and try to get any response from you,it is like talking to a wall of silence.
If I post a story and people respond to it I will always have the etiquette of answering or thanking them for their reply.You are the self proclaimed point of contact for new members however I have formed the opinion they never get a reply from you.If I can not get you to speak in my capacity as a volunteer/sponsor I have no idea who can.
Also may I add,supposedly one of the perks of being a sponsor is to be the first to get replies from EP staff,this in reality does not happen.
I have no idea what you do with your time,one thing is for certain you are not there for your volunteers or your sponsors,The only communication I ever get is a rediculous computer generated thanks every week for my volunteer efforts,same message every week.
I would NOT advise others to take on the role of a volunteer for they will receive no support from the EP team.
I would NOT recommend anyone to sponsor this site for there are no benefits to be gained by doing so.I have been foolish to think during my time here I have been helping the EP staff,I know different now.
It is my opinion that there should be a reshuffle amongst the EP staff.I do not think that you are the right person to be the face of EP.You give the impression that you are aloof and do not care for the members here.
I have been pulling my hear out for support and assistance yet time after time after time I never ever get any support.

I will do,however I do have reservations.I have contacted you Arsineh on countless occasions with ideas,suggestions and questions.It is extremely rare for you to ever even acknowledge that I have made contact,as for getting an answer that's simple,you never respond to me.<br />
As a member who has been a very active volunteer for over 2 years now,and also may I add a sponsor I feel slighted by you personally.I have resorted to contactingg EP support however the situation is exactly the same there,no one ever responds to me.<br />
I am left wondering whether I have been blackballed ( I hope this is politically correct)<br />
I have been left out in the cold so to speak,yet I continue to carry out my volunteer duties to the very best of my abilities.<br />
Arsineh,about a year ago you created a pro forma for the volunteers whereby you suggested we send out your greeting which mentioned new members could contact Arsineh (in your words) "because I have found her very helpful in the past".In my personal experience I have NOT found this to be true.It is nigh on impossible to get you to answer even the simplest of questions.I know I am being ignored.<br />
I expect following writing this I may get EP jail,if I do I will not hang around.You live in a democracy and so do I and therefore I should have the opportunity to speak as it is,you may not like it however it is the truth !<br />
If I find I am still active and a volunteer I will gladly try out this new idea.My feedback however will most probably end up in the waste paper basket.<br />
Regards,<br />
garvan EP volunteer/sponsor/

I have just opted in in order to participate in this and hopefully progress EP to even greater heights :-)

STARLIFTER , You would loose your bet , Arsineh Ghazarian , Profile page , Oct 27 2008 / EP Community Public Relations Officer , Email Contact is

Paschar,that's all well and good said,just try to get her to respond to anything,if you do you must be a magician for in my personal experience I am always met with a brick wall.

Just Now Turned it on to see what it's all about , We'LL see what happens .

I've turned on the beta test and looked at group activity. Have you started yet, because there is nothing improved there now. Same big crayon-sized letters. same big spaces. Still not capable of being quickly scanned.....<br />
<br />
Just out of curiosity, what do you think you have improved about it?

Also, if you have any feedback feel free to message me.

Anyone can be a beta tester - you don't have to sign up. You can turn on individual beta tests, and turn them off as well, all from your account settings. Right now the only active beta test is the group activity feed.

Signing up immediately!

I think this is a great idea, once you click on beta testing you have a two things come up one which says beta testing the other says group activity feed, is it just the group activity feed you are testing?