Give And Take

hello ! 
i always have wondered what i am going to do with all these points that keep accumulating on my profile , i do understand that it shows how much i contributed to the ep community , i thought of possibly a great idea why cant we exchange our points for tokens ....................a good number would be for every one token ep would deduct 50 points ..................not only will it give members tokens , it will add to more fun on the site of being able to send more gifts ! ............sound good ?????????????.........Please comment below 
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2 Responses May 11, 2012

You know that I love you but sorry, I hate all that tokens nonsense. I can write something nice on your whiteboard, comment on your stories to show you how much I appreciate your friendship.

hey no problem , thanks anyway for stopping by and reading and commenting , for me i really enjoy the tokens and to send gifts ,i like to spread cheer to friends and members !

To see that you care makes me happy. It means more to me than any gift. :-)

Just so you know, I'm kinda becoming known as the advice columnist of EP. So if you need advice, want to chat or just bounce a question or two, just send it to me.

Thanks for sharing. As you accumulate points, we reward you with free tokens. We don't tell you exactly how many points you have to earn for each free token, since it's meant to be a surprise but rest assured, if you continue being active on EP and contributing you'll earn more free tokens in no time.

thanks for commenting and thanks for the feedback !