We Have To Pay For Advertisements Every Time We Watch Tv

I feel we are being robbed and am not alone in this story,

we are all forced to pay to have our telly time for crappy, noisy advertisements, and it gets worse every year.
Some channels really abuse us, others annoy us by repeating their add in the same time frame.
I for one am tired of having my time broken into pieces and the one hour program is actually closer to 40 minutes running and 20 minutes crap adds.
This equates to paying the provider for adds at a cost of 33 1/3 % of your yearly subscription.
My question is this, when the tv was from antenna, before cable, sat, and streaming media, where did the revenue come from to broadcast?

Do the big guys need the extra revenue to pay costs, or, are we being taken advantage for profit?

Agree or disagree; don't be shy.

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3 Responses May 13, 2012

ADs here are not in comparison to the Media on TV. I can take some ADs here for having this Free Site. But when I got my Comcast 4 years ago it was like $ 50.00. 2 years later as 2 Years ago they Raised my Subsc<x>ription to nearly $ 72.00. With a $ 22.00 increase. And all I see on Comcast is more of what is said and my situation is the same as this story. I feel Robbed and Ripped Off getting nothing but more garbage and paying for it.

It is annoying that EP is becoming more expensive to use. Obviously even though EP is a "free site" that doesn't mean my internet is free or my downloads unlimited. I have to pay for a finite amount of information I am allowed to view on the internet each month and the new adverts do use up that allowance. However, since Ep themselves are not charging me to view the site and actually I am contributing and helping create the content that they use to attract visitors to see the adverts, I do realise that I am not the customer, I am the product. I can accept that. I just think there are too many adverts, I think it's unreasonable to display moving adverts on the site where people are trying to read, and I am particularly upset by the sexual content of the adverts. This used to be a support site, often people have serious problems they want support or advice about, or they want to find friends here who will cheer them up and give them some relief from distressing problems.. and I, for one, do NOT want constant reminders. Often adverts seem to be very deliberately placed.. like if a story is about sexual abuse there will be an advert selling sex hook-ups with strange old men and women, "mature dating" as they prefer to call it. I have "adult content" filters switched on, yet I see these constantly and an advert with the word RAPE in great big letters often.. I don't know why a site like this would want to put that idea in my head all the time. I don't see why they can't "keep the lights on" with NON-sexually themed advertising.

EP is a free site and we intend to keep it that way. That said, we do need to keep our servers running and the lights on in the office. Ads help us in this way. Members who become EP supporters and pay a monthly fee see less than half the ads standard memberships see.