Group Feeds Where Can I Choose Group Names With Comments & Dates Context?

After almost 2 weeks I am still frustrated that I can't chose to see the Groups my Active Circle Friends are Commenting in.

I go into Groups and wonder if the Group Stories are Today's or Last Months's. Cause there isn't a Date and Time listed in with the Context to the Stories. I don't know the Order of the Stories in their Context.

I go into my Groups List and this Auto Feed of other Groups is Paralyzing my Browser's means of being able to Scroll down the page. I do not like this active script to keep my browser busy on this Upper feature so constantly of ( So and So Joined a Group, So and So Joined a Group ... ) As this script is running ... It Paralyses my Browser from Scrolling. And driving me Frustrated. I'll Scroll Down and at the same time the Groups are moving down also, because of this Upper feature is Enlarging and making viewing my Groups a frustrating nuisance at trying to scroll down to the lower part of the page. It's slow and shaky trying to scroll. 

A Circle Friend of mine Deleted her Profile a few days ago and I lost 10 PM's I didn't want to loose.  I thought we here as from others here have asked for this about 40 times about this all since last year and this hasn't been fixed yet. I lost Gifts, Whiteboard Chats, Gestures and comments in my Stories. I don't like that.
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2 Responses May 14, 2012

Thank you for the feedback. We are currently working to improve the feed so hearing suggestions like these are very helpful. We'll discussing with our developers, adding time/date stamps to post directly on the feed. <br />
<br />
As for losing content when your friends decide to leave EP and delete their account--I can understand why this is frustrating. This is one reason why we encourage members to leave their account on a permanganate vacation as oppose to deleting it. Member do have the option to preserve their stories after the delete their account and we are working to give them more preservation options.

I too would like the dates/times put back on the stories in each group context, and want to be able to keep stuff from people whose profiles get deleted later.