Mass Gifts Glitch?

I like gifts as much as the next  textile, but there seems to be a bug in the system. 

I keep getting what I assume are mass gifts...from people I don't know.  I've even checked to see if I was in their circle, but hadn't friended them.  No dice.  But somehow, I'm getting gifts from a couple people every couple days, and nice as it is, I still don't know them.

Can we stop this, please?  Or have an option on our account settings page to not accept mass gifts?  We can deny mass gestures, so why not gifts?

Thank you in advance!
Plaid Plaid
31-35, F
1 Response May 14, 2012

You can block mass gestures and gifts by visiting your account settings and opting out of these mass communications.

No, ma'am. I looked, even after seeing your comment. In the Communications tab, there is the option to opt out of mass gestures but NOT gifts. The mass gesture option is immediately above email settings. Nowhere in the account settings do I see mass gifts addressed.