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Why am I seeing photos that my friends are uploading to their albums? Why do we have to see them at all? What if someone in my circle uploads a nude photo to their albums. Will that show up on my profile page too?When that happens I won't be able stay on EP. I can assure you I do not want anyone walking by and seeing that.  I don't want to see everything everyone in my circle does. 
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Although your profile says you have over 65000 stories on EP, this is the only one that it shows on your profile, although there is a list of other people's stories you commented on. <br />
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Since EP decided in its wisdom to revamp the site yet again, hardly anything seems to work properly. My tokens nearly all disappeared. I only got them back by barraging EP Support and Arsineh with messages, all but one ignored. No explanation was provided. People's circles now appear randomly, instead of alphabetically. Although I sponsor someone's EP premium membership, my account now tells me I don't. I have sent my first message about this to EP Support. No reply, of course.<br />
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The site is so riven with technical problems that the chances of your current query ever being dealt with are remote.<br />
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Incidentally, apart from this story, do you currently have any others on EP?

I'm personally very sorry that all your stories have gone (although EP still says they are there) as you have written some great ones, in your time.

The thought that you may soon be gone completely is a big blow - but to the problems you have written about so often (harassment, stalking etc), which have made EP a difficult place to be for so many, they have piled on so many technical ones, presumably because of this latest revamp, which no one asked for, and just doesn't work properly, that I do understand.

I hope you stay but, once all the stories are gone, a big incentive to do so has disappeared. If you go, come back soon. You will be much missed.

agree. and i have a problem with seeing every photo that my circle comments on. some of them have been in 'private' albums [nonfriends] and i still see the pic. case in underaged user who is a friend of a friend. not right..