Anybody Know What To Do About Videos On Ep With Audio Not Working?

For about a week now I have not been able to get any audio on videos on EP. The videos play, but there is no sound, although the audio on my computer is intact. I am sure it's not an EP-only problem, because I'm finding instances of video audio not working off EP as well. It's very inconsistent, and I still haven't figured out why audio is working in some instance and not in others. I am told that a war between Flash Player on the one hand and Mozilla and Apple on the other hand is likely involved. I believe I'm updated on Flash Player. Video sound on EP does not work for me on Explorer, on Mozilla-based browsers, or on Chrome-based browsers.

Does anybody with EP Support or membership know what to do to fix this?
conceptualclarity conceptualclarity
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1 Response May 16, 2012

Sorry for the frustration--Still having trouble? Would you please send me a link to a video post on EP that you're having trouble listening to?