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ok...now i can't log into the 'full site' any more on my phone.  am i being punished for griping about ep mobile?  i mean...really.  i always say it's better than nuthin!!

justsunni justsunni
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Sorry for the frustration. The link to switch back to the desktop/full site view is on the bottom of the page and a bit difficult to find, so we are going to move this button to the top of the screen so any member on mobile can easily switch to the desktop/full site.

i know!!! :(<br />
my lil cheapie phone is good enuff.. and i was getting the full site even though it was a royal pain...

I agree with Grimkatze a million per cent!!!<br />
We do not ALL have touch screen mobiles!<br />
This new format has made my life on ep very difficult!

still can't get it. and often all i have is my phone to keep in touch here.. *cries*

Can say to EPjoey what about NON-touch screen mobiles? We are people with different tastes. I do not have a touch screen mobile; I have a Blackberry Bold 9700 and I am stuck with the same problem as the OP (sunni) couldn't you change the old arangements back PLEASE this problem is really troublesome unable to view the full site!!!!!!!!!!!

but i want it right now!! **stomps foot** ;)

There is a button at the top of the footer ( where the page turns blue ) that can toggle on and off the mobile layout. The mobile layout is designed to make navigating the site on a touch screen easier, but if you have any suggestions for making it better, please post here. thanks!

hope they fix it for you soon sunni *hugs*

ya...it'll be ok. just me and my need to keep up with stuff here ;)<br />
<br />
<br />
it still sux :O


LOL!! as a matter of fact, it is! i did feel a bit guilty about complaining so much. maybe they cut me off the 'full site' thangey :s

aww that's not true. They wouldn't do such elementary thing, would they. Maybe something's just not working, you know how EP is techically lately. But I experienced that also (on my laptop). Feels frustrating. Hope you do well after all.

That's a sexy pout there I can imagine, Sunny.^^