Gifts, Anonymity And Adult Nature...

I would like more options when I give a gift.
My account is subscribed to many 'less desirable' groups on EP. Many people don't like that, don't like me posting on their walls in public etc. and I understand completely. I would like that to change. I would like others to be able to read what I say without being confronted by the other side of me.

With gifts, I would like to leave the gift and message in public, but hide the username.
Same with wall posts.

I would like to converse with people, but not force upon them my desires.

Separately, but similarly, I would also like to choose what type of content I want to see on my feeds from which users.  Example, I don't mind >18 posts from some users, but from other users I don't want to know.  Can this be an option?

Discuss :)
cloudsoflife cloudsoflife
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1 Response May 17, 2012

Thanks for the suggestions :) Anonymous gifts seem like a neat idea. Anonymous walls posts...I hear why that would be cool. I could sort of seeing that being abused by some people. <br />
<br />
Feed customization is a frequent request, and we discuss this topic often. Thanks for your helpful comments.