How In The Blue Blazes ::::::frown::::: ???

Do i just open a simple group????? everything is so complicated in the new land of ep :( not happy :( Please put it back the way it use to be *sigh* i beg of you ep admin.....make things right :D

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6 Responses May 18, 2012

Thanks for letting us know. I'm working with our engineers to have this sorted out. It would help us track and correct this bug if we had some additional information.<br />
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What type of browser/version are you using? When did you start having trouble and does it work sometimes or has it stopped working all together?

Typing in a group and clicking the big orange plus should do it, no?

Oh, on your profile? If you click "my groups" on your profile, you should see a list of the groups you joined.

Loren, I have to agree with MBM here. I've been a fairly consistent defender of EP's efforts to improve functionality, but there are elements of the new layout that are anything but intuitive... and I write software for a living. I can only imagine what it's like for folks who have gotten used to the old way.

Where are you trying to open the group from?

Try using your brain.


lmfao i second that