I Want To Maintain A Connection To My Experiences

Experience Project:

It is my understanding that this website is about "finding people who understand you," and getting support when you most need it. So far, this is done is by joining experiences, and through those experiences, finding people to support you. I will first say that I love the concept of this website. It's much better than social networking sites like facebook because there is meaning to what is shared.

However, I think there is one function of the website that is not being used to its fullest extent: Stories. When I join an experience, I might browse around on the group page, reading and commenting on others' stories. However, for me, once I leave the page after visiting it that initial time, I personally know that I never go back to the page; it isn't convenient. As a result, most times, posting to an experience group is meaningless. Very few will read and comment on the story, and as a result, you get very little support from the community. Furthermore, once you've joined like 6000 experience groups — such action is encouraged by the website — you lose connection to your experiences, and the experiences you join can have little or no meaning to you. If I join a group like "I need to quit smoking," I would like to have some sort of feed of stories from that group, keeping me encouraged and feeling as though I have the support of people who understand me. Furthermore, a feed would make it easier for me and others  to reach out and comment on people's stories as we see fit. That way, more people's stories get read and commented on with more frequency, and we all continue to have support, whether we end up adding these members to our circle or not.

In conclusion, to make it easier to serve the initial purpose of the website — connecting with those who understand, and can encourage you — I propose the creation of a tab, either from your profile page, or one next to the "questions" and "confessions" tabs, that lists a feed of the most recent stories from all of your experiences.

Thank you for your consideration,

scatterheart scatterheart
13-15, F
3 Responses May 20, 2012

I appreciate you sharing this story. Though it's clearly not easy to find (and something we'll work on) you can find new stories and more updates about the groups you care about by viewing your group feed on your profile page. As MDenise pointed out, this appears below your circle feed on your profile page.

On your personal home page, there are feeds of your circle activity and your group activity below that. For your group activity, you can choose what to look at (new members, new stories, comments on stories, etc.). This may be what you're looking for. The group activity is for all of your groups, I'm not sure whether you want specific groups, in which case I recommend maybe subscribing to the group.<br />
<br />
I get very few comments on stories, myself, and new comments on any of my stories hardly ever come in. Most days, no comments. I was worried about this, and then I thought very few comments is normal and it's not just me, but I still would like more comments.

Thanks for pointing this out and helping your peer get the most out of EP.

well written! if you click on the 'subscribe' option under the groups heading, you may find what you are looking for. hope you have a great time here :)) sunni