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For some reason the advanced editor appears to not work in some of my groups, I am wondering if other EP members are having similar problems.
Jones47 Jones47
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2 Responses May 20, 2012

I am having similar issues, Jones.<br />
Arsineh - whenever I attempt to use Spellcheck, Bold or Underline a word or phrase, the advanced editor crashes and I lose my post. Little frustrating. I have gone to using other programs for what I need and then copying my post back into the EP Comment window. It works.<br />
Thank you,<br />

Sorry you're having trouble. What specifically are you trying to do using the advanced editor? I'm happy to see how we can accommodate.<br />
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At this time it's best to use the simple editor across the site until we introduce more options.

I am trying to use Bold print on a word or sentence.