Future Experiences

When I first joined EP, there was an option to make an Experience a goal or a future Experience.  If memory serves, it was a toggle/button near the "Me Too" or join for the Experience.
Soon after it was gone and I missed it as there are some groups for which I will soon be or plan to be Experiencing.  I started hunting for it and eventually found it on the main page for the Experience as a link entitled "Make this a Goal" in the bottom right hand corner of the Members Sharing The Experience... box at the bottom (though, note that if you change the Members sharing view away from the default, for example to show all or show adult/mature members. the link disappears).  So I have been clicking on these "Make this a Goal" link in certain experiences and every time the window view changes to show me my "Future Experiences" which is at the bottom right corner of my "Experience Groups" page under the "People" sub-header - but they don't show up there.  No matter how many times I click on the link.  The only 'Future' group in that list is the one I added when I first joined before the toggle/button was removed from up top near the "Me Too" or "Join" link to an Experience group.
I really like the idea and feature of being able to tentatively create a sublist of Experiences I will be joining soon and I miss it - I have tried everything to get that link to work but to no avail since the change. 
Are these "Future Groups" being stored somewhere else and I just don't know where to look to find it?  If that is the case, then why do I have that singular group from before under "Future Groups" on my "Experience Groups" page?
Thank you in advance,
mistryst mistryst
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1 Response May 21, 2012

Thanks for sharing. This makes a lot of sense and I can understand why you'd want the option to sort experiences by 'future/goals' We are working to add many sorting options for your experiences. Look for these in the near future.