Fans And Friends

I find myself being 'fanned' from time to time by teenagers and some other people who share no interest with me, they do not introduce themselves, you look at their profile and it's basically empty. It seems like they're competing for the highest number of 'friends' or some such.

I am not amused by that ... in fact I've joined the "I want you to read this before you add me" group to tell people to get in touch and introduce themselves before adding me, and to make sure we have common interests.

What I would really really like, and I know I am not alone in this because I've discussed it with others:

PLEASE: give me a button so I can remove unwanted people from my 'fans' list.
Individually blocking them is a kludge and awkward at best.

I do NOT want a bunch of kiddies trailing around behind me when I am in a discussion about [sexually] dysfunctional relationships here on EP.

Thank you, in advance,   -Peter
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4 Responses May 21, 2012

oh u shouldnt worry bout the ones who dont have a profile but more about the ones from africa that'll add u they are con artist one asked me to buy him a laptop and i was like yea i'll get right on that one

Thanks for this suggestion. Did you know you can visit your account settings and choose to prevent minors from interacting with you can block underage accounts from fanning you all with a single click?

There is the option to block underagers in your account options. As for the others I don't see the problem. They follow you around (If you even appear amongst their bajillion other 'friends'). You don't have to look at their profiles or interact with them in any way. They do not show up in association with your profile and if they become a threat of some sort that is where the blocking comes into play.

Since I joined EP this is one button I'm not wanting to click just to see invites I have not interest with. And the clutter is just growing, and is not good feeling seeing all this really Holy-Batman-Profiles making me cringe!!. <br />
So many had brought out this issue to a certain point, but still no positive result. **sighs**