Please Make It Easier

Here's the thing, I have a bit of an OCD thing or maybe it's just a Virgo thing, but it anoys me when my friend number on my left and right do not match. It really bugs me. I don't care if someone decides to unfriend me. It's the fact that I have to click on each user to try and figure out who it is so that I can remove my fan and make those numbers match.


It would be so wonderful if EP would somehow make this easier by maybe notifying us of friends that remove their fan. It would be of great help to us anally retentive, perfectionist, and OCD EP users.


Please and thank you.

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3 Responses May 22, 2012

Thanks for this suggestion. We'll be discussing this with our developers.

Wow're good. I had to go back to my profile page to see what numbers you meant.... my numbers don't match either.... I live in my own, ditzy, little world with all the issues with numbers in here..... I always sucked at math anyway...Some things never change. I do hope they make it so you're numbers come together!! :)

Second!<br />
OCD-EP'ers Unite!<br />
Or even if they would highlight the 'Fans or Favorites' a different color if they are not also in your Friends section.<br />
I think that might work as well.

That would help with reducing email traffic but would still provide a visual to let the host EP'er know.

Thank you for posting this, by the way - it has been driving me bonkers as well. =)