Adding Stories Is Awkward And Has Bugs

I wanted to add a story.  I click on [Stories] in the upper left just below the new logo. I get:

As you see I selected Current Events and entered the name of the group to which my story belongs: I Watched the Eclipse on the Internet and then I clicked [That's Me] after which nothing good happens. Instead I get this screen:

The category I selected is not shown nor is the group name I typed.  So I retype the group name in that big text box receiving a bunch of suggestions that other than starting with the word "watched" were nowhere close to what I intended so I go with what I want, write my story and post it. Guess what - it's in the wrong category. Do you think new people know to see the category is wrong???

As I have recently had both of these problems before I go to the group page, change the category and change the logo. Now not that long ago, when changing the logo one was warned that the change might not show up right away. Now I did not get that warning nor any indication that my attempt to change the logo was accepted. Just to be sure I tried again. Stiil no message about being accepted but be patient. This screen capture is after my second attempt.
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2 Responses May 22, 2012

I had a similar experience trying to add a story last week. I figured it was my link to Ep. Thanks for sharing this CFOM.

Thanks for sharing this with us. I can see why this is awfully confusing and an inefficient way to share. I'm working with our developers to sort this out.<br />
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Thank you for taking the time to share this detailed feedback and helping us create a better site for all our members.