History Feature?

I have a very bad memory, so I was thinking a history feature would be helpful. Occasionally, I forget how I got to a story that I want to read again, or maybe share with someone. It would be nice to have a history of stories I read along with title,time, group, and author.
Alternatively maybe I could right click on a story title and be able to save it for later reading. Often times I want to followup further on a story, but don't because I'll lose my train of thought. (reading the next story in the list - I read them one after the other and in some groups there are many stories and if I lose my "place" I'll end up having to see old and new stories intermixed.
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1 Response May 22, 2012

Thanks for sharing this post. You can click 'favorites' on the bottom of any story post to save it to your library and easily access at a later time. To access your library and this list of 'favorite' stories, visit your profile page.

I didn't know that......thanks