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I first met my soldier/husband back in 2011 when he got back from being in Afghanland(as i call it) for 1 year. We really connected when he came home and we instantly fell in love with one another. Unfortunately after being together for 2 weeks in September straight he had to go back to Fort Campbell, KY and wasn't able to come back home until Christmas time. So we decided to stay together and see where it went from there(clearly it went amazing). After being apart for about a week, he surprised me and came home(which he wasn't supposed to) and we got to spend a long weekend together. So after that weekend was over, i had to wait a month and a half to see him again, when i decided to fly out to see him in November. Once again we got to spend a weekend together, but of course it was really only for 1 day because by the time i flew in that Friday night, i had to leave Sunday afternoon. But it was well worth seeing him for not even a full 48 hours. So i had to wait another month & a half to see him after that lovely weekend we got to spend together in Nashville, where i met an army wife of 3 years(who is now one of my best friends). So December came, took him to a Jets vs. Giants football game for Christmas Eve as his Christmas present & we got to spend a lovely New Years together. Like always, time flew & his 2 week leave was up, and he had to head back to KY =( however this time, it was the hardest thing to say goodbye to him because it wasn't looking good for us seeing each other because of my work schedule and he said how much he was going to be going out in the field. So of course we fought for the first few weeks when he was back in KY and we really thought about ending it, but then realized how much we truely care for one another & decided to make it work. Webcams can only go so far, you just wanna hug him & kiss him, but you can't. So January came and went and February was just starting and i had enough money to surprise him with flying out to Nashville for 5 days(President's Day weekend) he told me he had off that Friday and Monday, so it worked out perfect. 5 whole days to spend my soldier/boyfriend, i couldn't wait another minute! The weekend finally rolled around & we got to spend those 5 days together, got to have lunch with a very old friend who I've known since we were about 7 years old(I'm 22 years old), got to see my friend Brittany & her husband while we were down in Nashville, got to spend quality time with my soldier/boyfriend & his friends. Out of nowhere one night when we got back from the bars, HE PROPOSED TO ME! I couldn't believe it, all i did was cry & say yes a billion times and kissed him, didn't even look at the ring until he goes, "Don't you wanna see the ring? haha." So like always, the weekend came and went & i had to fly back home since I had to work. No one could believe it that we were really engaged, only after 6 months of dating(i know i know! but when you know, you know). So once February ended, March was upon us, and it was our birthday month(his march 11th & im the 19th). I wanted to see him so bad for one of our birthdays, but the money was extremely tight for both of us & he wasn't able to come home. The next day after his birthday I got into a huge fight with my new boss & i ended up handing her my key & quitting. I called him crying & he told me that he would want me to move down there to be with him & he will support me. At first i was a little worried because we barely even spent more than a month total together. So we decided on a date April 7th(the day before Easter) I would come down & we would start our life together. Well i bought a one way ticket to Nashville & from that day on being with him, is the best decision I have ever made. Being with my soldier every day, I wouldn't trade it for the world. I don't know anyone down here besides a handful of people & to be honest, I am perfectly okay with that. So after being down here for 2 weeks, seeing that money was going to be a HUGE problem(we rented a house with a buddy of his) because of my student loans and credit card bills, we decided to get married. The 2nd best decision of my life, nothing really has changed because we already had started living together. My soldier told me just recently that he is thinking of reenlisting(he has until September to decide) and he asked for my opinion & all I could honestly say is that its your life & if you want to do it, I support you 100%. I couldn't say yes do it, because if something happens to him if he does reenlist and gets deployed, its going to haunt me for the rest of my life, but I couldn't say no at the same time because what if its something he really wants to do & I'm the one to stop him from doing it? He completely understood. As much as I miss my family & my friends, being down here with him is the right thing for me & him. I love my husband/soldier more than anything in this world & I would move anywhere with him if he does reenlist. My friends don't understand why I moved to be with him, they never have dated someone in the army before & well neither have I, but I do have friends in the army/marines/air force/navy, and i see their girlfriends going with them to wherever they get stationed. Basically my story is about my life wit my boyfriend/fiancee/husband/soldier & I hope that my story has inspired anyone who has read this, that you should do what your heart desires & what you think feels right.
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