i think comments left on stories should be up to the author to delet and not the person who wrote someone left very rude comments on my stories and when i went back they where gone so theres no proof they did that except for the other person who saw them
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That does not mean the person who left the comment can't regret it later on.

i think she deleted them on the premiss of gettin in trouble by ep admin im not the only person she attacked

Yes, if they regret their comment, they should have the right to delete it and hope that no one sees it.

i get what ur sayin but this wasnt heat of the moment thing this a blaintant attack on this person who passed away

I have left rude comments before, at a time when I was feeling really angry and just felt like taking it out on someone else. Then when I realized later on that what I did was wrong and felt bad, I had to delete the comment. In a situation like that, the person who left that rude comment should have the right to delete them.

even when it about some who passed away on here?

Thanks for sharing this concern and suggestion with us. Both the author of a story and the author of the comment can delete a comment. This gives the story author authority over what discussion occurs on their story and gives the comment writer the option to retract what is said. This is useful for a number of reasons. As previously pointed out in this thread a member may regret or change their mind about their stance and comment. If you believe a member is behaving inappropriately, please block the individual to prevent them from posting to your stories and report them to EP staff so we can investigate and review their behavior.

Take a screen shot and send it to EP. Picture is worth a 1,000 words.

it was gone before i had a chance to see it

Then let it roll. I think if someone had a momentary lapse in judgement and corrected themselves, then it should be forgiven. If they are habitually doing it then I would think that you should block the person from posting to your content. They remove it if they can't post it in the first place.

it was bout someone who was on ep and had passed away

There are a lot of sick people on the internet. People take out their aggressions, look for companions and all kinds of stuff in between. I say let the drama roll away. People will do stupid stuff just because they can. Don't get all in a huff because someone wants to act like a jerk. Karma rolls too.

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in some cases i could see where someone said something in the heat of the moment should be allowed to retract their statement but when u bring up someone family member who is deceased or somthing like then i have a issue with it cause its not in the heat of the moment

@ DenteAvvelenato :<br />
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My username is conceptualclarity. Not "con."<br />
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So "public" is the term you used? Fine. It doesn't mean much to me. I suppose you could say Gabriel Moore's comment sections are public. You don't even have to register to post on them, and you don't have to buy anything to access the site. I asked her a question on one comment, with genuine puzzlement and a pinch of of incredulity in the tone, and it got zapped like the other comment previously mentioned. LOL. That's what happens on "public forums" presided over by an author.

I don't exactly agree. It seems reasonable to me that if somebody says something in the heat of the moment that they regret when they calm down that they should be able to go back and delete it. And you certainly have to be able to edit for typos. The author who feels the need to preserve "evidence" should take a screenshot as soon as he sees the offensive post, as I should have done with a post on my whiteboard that I just saw has disappeared.<br />
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What I said was that stories on EP are an author's form, not an open forum as DanteAv claims. The Experience Project as a WHOLE is an open forum. Within the Experience Project, stories, blog posts, and confessions are authors' forums, just like a blog on a site like Wordpress. Blogs generally have comment sections. but the author has the right to delete comments. The sex teacher Gabrielle Moore has deleted comments of mine on her blog / website twice, once when I cited peer-reviewed scientific studies in rebuttal of her outdated assertion of the non-innervation of the vagina (which she herself contradicts at times--go figure). I wasn't pleased, but I didn't make a federal case over it. I figured I should expect as much when I contradict her on her own site. EP gives authors authority over their story threads by giving the author a delete option and by preventing people whom the author has blocked from commenting. The EP author who exercises those prerogatives does not deserve to be vilified as guilty of "censorship."

Question for you Con, you say " What I said was that stories on EP are an author's form, not an open forum as DanteAv claims."

First I didn't use the term "open" so please don't suggest that I did!
Second, are you saying the story written is not truely "public"? o

You know, conceptualclarity commented on this not too long ago and I thought he said the same thing - that only the owner of a post could control the comments.<br />
<br />
Now I'm wondering if this is a new change.