New Photos! EP Meetup NYC

Ever wonder what it would be like to meet members of EP, face to face?

Would they be as friendly, welcoming, and easy to talk to as they are on the site?

Well, last week, during our first East Coast Meetup in NYC, guests seemed in agreement that the answer is a clear, YES!

As EP community members filled Latitude Bar and Grill in Manhattan a couple blocks from Times Square, the positive energy in the room quickly reflected the atmosphere that makes EP so special.

The overlook room, with large windows overlooking the busy city streets of midtown Manhattan was a fitting location, one that reflected the diversity of our community and the experiences shared on EP.

EP members greeted one another, a few reconnected with familiar faces, while the majority, arriving alone quickly recognized that they were among friends.  Though guests varied in age, gender, and interests, everyone I had an opportunity to chat with had a similar message. They were all happy to have a supportive space like EP where they could share without being judged or criticized.

Many shared how they had met some of their closest friends on EP and how they had developed deep friendships with members that live across the country and/or globe.  One member who described how he had made friends from the UK and Australia confessed that he may never have an opportunity to meet those friends in person but that it was OK, because location had little importance when it came to the deep and genuine friendships that develop on EP. 

As the evening progressed, we nibbled on a variety of tasty appetizers and sipped on cocktails while chatting about EP, New York, life, friends, connections, and more.

Members often mentioned how much their EP friends from around the world wished they could have joined us.  Though many couldn't meetup with us in NYC, they were certainly not forgotten.  If you weren't able to attend, know that you were missed!

Some members who couldn't attended had opted to share a short note/shout out which many of the guests enjoyed reading.  Some guests at the event thought the comments were so thoughtfully written that they opted to take a few scribbles home.  If you look closely, you may notice a note from our very own founder, EP Armen: "Wish I could join you guys in the EP room, but will be in the wrong coast at that time. Drink an EP-Tini for me, this is going to be a fun party!"

Quickly the hours passed and it was time to say goodbye to new friends.  As a token of appreciation and to remember the unique night that brought together a group of New Yorkers with such a diverse set of life experiences all under one roof.  Guests received special EP magnets and stickers. EP gift bags were raffled off, filled with t-shirts and other fun goodies. 

It was a truly memorable evening, thanks those who attended as well as those who sent in notes and joined us in spirit.  Though we do hope to have future meetups in additional locations--we won't be waiting until then to let each and everyone of you know how much you're appreciated as a member of this community!  It's because of each and everyone of you that EP is the positive, unique, welcoming space it is.

Until next time!  Cheers!

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Wow! I've been gone over a year nice meeting, will there be any more?

I don't believe this event ever took place just a fabrication and some clever photocopy to make it seem like there was an actual meeting but they probably never left california

my mom will not let me go to trans people meet ups. what else do i do? i feel out of touch right now. She claims I am going to get hurt. Help!

Dear Ferric I will swim oceans and shift continents to attend the next one if I have to. I think I just worked out which one you are.<br />
<br />

My friend Ted wanted to attend, but unfortunately due to her busy schedule...she was unavailable. Next time Ted!

Australia please!!

Great story EPArsineh and thank you for the pictures. We need to hear from the attendees now. I love a good read;) Who won the raffle? Etc.

Was there an afterparty? :D I really wish you guys would make one in upstate NY area. :)

I have to come to one of those, sounds like a fun thing to do!

Sounds like a great time! You definitely need to have a Southeast US meetup!


yesss! watz

As, our lovely EP member, Hypericum, points out! Shame you couldn't travel across the pond into Wales,. We would definitely be there! for sure,. Looks like everyone had a wonderful time! so! happy and enjoying thenselves to! Wish i was there,. Thank you so much for sharing! :D Fabulously brilliant pics! :D :D

This is so cool. I wish I could be there..`.keep going EP team.. Wish u all the best.

Gosh!! Youall don't know how i would have loved to be in my old hometown with my most cherished strangers! If you can they should make a visit to florida! You could use the tan and our all those faces!!

thanks for sharing happy moments

Seems like u people enjoyed a lot.. I hope EP keeps progressing this way coz that's how i can find friends near my place using ep.. ^__^

Awww everyone looked like they were having a ton of fun!! This is such a great idea! Thanks for sharing!!

Any time possible this is at Asia country.

Wish I could have come. Oh well. Looked fun!

If you guys ever come to Los Angeles or anywhere nearby it, I would definitely be there for sure! :D

So sorry I missed it. I could have really used the warmth and care. I just re-dedicated myself to logging on monthly after not checking for over a year b/c of my mental illness. It would have been nice to meet you guys. Isn't it a coincidence that I just joined meetup and EP a week after this meeting occurred? I hope there is another one soon. =)

maybe in next location there will be more people , I don't know if everybody from NY was aware of this meeting.

Chi town or Detroit would be great for next gathering. Thanks for sharing pics!

I don't think I would spend a butt ton of money to fly across the entire US just for a lunch gathering.

thanks for sharing! it's such an amazing event. :)

So happy to see "EP live!" New York city is one of those places where there's so many people everywhere, yet it can seem very lonely. Bringing folks together is our mission at EP, and it's so amazingly gratifying to see that happen from the keyboard to the individual. We'll look forward to do another!

Looks like a cozier turnout than I expected... makes me even sadder that I could not attend

Wish i could of been there,... but some of us had to stay at the pc and keep the stories going! lol - kiaora from nz

Seems like everyone had fun. :)

Thanks for the pictures. I would have loved to go, but my Doctors had other plans for me.

Looks like fun. Does anyone there want to tell us which one they are?

I wondered that also!

Is one of them Arsineh?

To enlighten your curiousity, I am the fellow in the third photo. Two my right is a gentleman and next to him is Arsineh. To my left is another gentleman.

Hiya, thanks for telling us. Were there many people there?

I was drunk under the table.

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Sounds like everyone had a great time Arsineh! We need a European meeting so folks on this side of the Atlantic can get together!

I truely wished that I could have been there Arsineh as this is the sort of fun in meeting people that I,m fond of , Hopefully in the next round my doctors won't have me laid up .

Next Chicago!!! Would love to be a part of this!

Thanks for sharing with the rest of us. Any likelihood of coming to Wales in the UK sometime?

Thanks for sharing the highlights with those of us unable to attend