Debating To Stay

I love experience project, however I am very disappointed in the fact they keep groups like " i want to drink your blood" and help rapists find people willing to pretend to get raped.

These groups are something that is morally unsound and quite dangerous.

So I am debating whether to stay or not. My conscience is pierced by the groups they allow, not to mention I am now up to blocking about 45 fake profiles generated by a small group of women (roughly 5-7 women) who do this to hook a man, then the man goes to meet them and excuses not to meet.

So I dont know whether I want to stay

bad apples on every tree, but EP should know that groups like drinking blood and rapists looking should be DOWN
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anyhow going outside with my daughter once again..LOL

We're working on our end to improve our rate for processing and repsonding to flags. Members can help us keep EP a positive space by flagging and giving us an opportunity to address members and behavior that violate our terms of service.

i do not see a flag button for groups though, i am concerned for a group made for rapists, asking women to partake willingly

as well as a group that wants to drink the blood etc..

I believe someone is abusing their authority here, a woman who over rides the blocking to continue to abuse you, now I am contacting the police and FBI

I am contacting the FBI for internet related problems that this woman who is a p-e-d-o-p-h-i-l-e has this authority here

just so you are warned that today i am filing FBI reports that this woman has access to over ride the blocking, now I have already filed police reports on her multiple identies, but if EP ****** me off further, which they have, then the FBI can contact the owner of this site and deal with it from there

is that clear enough for you arsineh?

a predatory *********, a woman, lives as four different women, and now she has over ridden the blocking here, FBI it is, and tell the owner he will be spoken too

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I have been not only getting FAKE "friends" but even if I have "please read before you add me" or I "check out your profile before I add you" which are on my profile WITH stories that they don't read; I imagine that they are "collecting friends" like many do on FB...I don't friend them; very few will be interesting enough for me; like you hon.

i am up to almost 50 fake profiles generated by a small group of women, and one man i have caught ( a rapist) one small group of women are generating fake accounts to hook white spirit, the kata blue eyes is a very fat woman with problems

the kata blue eyes is grim katz...a very large lady with problems that white spirit is speaking back and forth with...LOL...he must like hefty girls

the three or four profiles talking to white spirit are women with issues..LOL...but it he wont learn his lesson and block...not realizing i am not the only one realizing that he is the only one getting messages on the poems..that is why, 3-4 regular commentars on his poems are not real accounts..women with obese problems for one, and a few with mental illness situations

i agree , there is a lot of filth on this site that needs to be removed