New! Gestures, Gifts, Scribbles All In One Place!

With so many ways to publicly show your appreciating for your friends and other members of EP, via gifts, whiteboard scribbles, gestures, and more--it's no wonder that some members have often express feeling overwhelmed--when they have to page through various sections of their profile finding what's new. 

Well we listened--and our engineers got to work on consolidating these various section all in one place so you can quickly glance at your whiteboard and see new scribbles, gifts, and gestures all on one page, without having to click through sections.

It's simple, saves time, and it's only the first step in a few improvements to come that will make managing and viewing all your member communications easier.  For example, soon you'll have the option to group gifts, gestures, and scribbler together by member!  So, if your friend writes a whiteboard scribble wishing you a 'happy birthday' and then gestures you with a 'hug' and gifts you a bouquet of flowers, you'll see their thoughtful intent without having to page between various sections of your profile.  It also insures that you won't miss out all the great things your friends are sending your way.

Now, to be clear, you'll still be able to access your gifts, and gestures by visiting those links directly but you'll now have the option to view them all in one place, on your whiteboard as well.

Ready to try it out?  We'll be rolling out this out in the next few hours!  Enjoy and don't be shy to comment on this story!  We love hearing from  you!

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where has the board to board gone on whiteboard messages,like to read a message to make sure got the reply right.

This may be good as long as the orange alert indicator disappears after viewing these things on our whiteboards and we dont have to go into another area to have the alert removed.

So are we going to get a decent ammount of tokens given to us to cover the cost of the overpriced gifts?

can you please put it back the way it was

I think (paid) members should have more gestures like - first warning, second warning, why?, when?, really?, is that right, no way... Etc .. it will keep the other members wondering and curious. These gestures hopefully will create activities, support and concern within the circle of friends. Alphabetical order please. I look forward to checking out the new format;)

Thanks for the suggestions! We would love to add more gestures and gift options to give members more ways to express themselves. I'll be sharing a story soon asking members to share gift/gesture ideas which we hope to be adding in the next few weeks.

i'm not really feeling it.

It is a work in progress, so the feedback is appreciated.

what i really don't like is the fact that private messages sent along with a gift can be seen by everyone.

I think this is a better example of what I'm trying to say: I (and others) don't want the features to Merge... Let them each be singular, please.

Noooooooooooooooo, fix it back like it was!! It Is Redundant. And I don't like it showing up on my whiteboard, it should only be for messages.

I don't consider this an improvement at all. It is redundant, clutters up the whiteboard and is actually an annoyance! I'd prefer if you got rid of it.

Too bad they don't seem to check these stories for comments, Des....

Is it really just you me and a few ppl in the minority here cause I am not nor will I ever get 'used to and giddy about it all'! I find it annoying redundant and lacking the tools our former home page had which were very handy and nice.

I think the other people commented before "the improvement" was installed. In the story it sounds good. In actuality, it stinks.

the old way was a million no BILLION xx better :(

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Very positive step towards making EP a world class social network . keep it up .. cheers

I do apologise, sounding a complete idiot and dunce!,. :D But does this mean, "as paid members are currently enjoying, "mass gestures and gifts"! So, this means!, we are able to use the same facilities!?? If so!, then yeah!!! Please! it would make life so much easier and save time,. The friends who have massed gestured, will all receive a reply asap the same way! :D I for one welcome the improvements! Can't wait to try it out! :D <br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
May i thank you and the powers that be in EP land, a big thank you for thinking of us "poor" members! who are not as quick to respond, to these "mass" gestures or whatever! <br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
Fabulous idea! hopefully it will succeed! :D :D

I don't see anything yet O_o

Wow--sounds great! I can't wait to try it!

I like it!!! its seems a little simpler like it alot!! keep the good work up ! @--;---- a rose for ya

sounds a good idea! Communication with others even becomes eaisier with more options to choose of! Yes thank you!

Wow. It would certainly make things easier!

I wonder what that will look like? Go for it! :D


Sounds great!

I will be trying it out.

Hmm, i am curious to try