Part of members' frustrations about flagging might be coming from what the admins. tell us......flags are responded to within 24me hours for example...if that were true why are avatars, stories, etc. which clearly violate the community guidelines not removed in that time period? Or, for example, when I deleted a previous profile it took you 5 days to delete and after I sent 10 emails?
If it takes longer than what you state just tell us. Don't say it then not deliver. Update the timelines.
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Same song. Makes me lol.

Our goal is to respond to all flags within 24 hours, and for the most part we do. On days of high volume or on a holiday, it can take longer. We're a small team and ask members to be patient. If you feel a concern/flag is urgent and requires immediate review we ask that you please email us directly at

agree , its like a automated message . lol