Blocked Members Commenting On My Answer.

I blocked a member because hes totally obnoxious, and he managed to comment on my answer.
Why is this?
I checked his profile and it still shows him as blocked so whats going on? I dont want anything to do with him because he is bascially a troll so can EP fix this?
Gemzaayy Gemzaayy
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this shouldn't be happening. ep, get on it!

I know that if you post a confession anonymously and someone in the blocked person's circle comments on the confession, then the blocked person will be able to comment. (at least that was the case a couple months ago)

Thanks for letting us know, we'll investigate. Please send me the specific member's username via a PM.

Thanks :-) I sent you a PM

You are the third person I have heard of this happening to! Something is obviously very wrong with the system!

Im not surprised tbh. Theres loads of bugs about but its simple, if I block a guy with a giant spider erection avi then I dont want anything to do with it. End. Of.

All spiders should be killed anyway!

Yeah I hate them

What do spiders have to do with erections?

The avi of the person in question is a spider with an erection.

is it the spider or the erection that's the problem?

It's the behaviour of the member

lol 'member' but yes hes a troll

Exactly but the member acts like a right *****!

Yeah defo, other peeps get jailed for loads less :-/

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