Your Own Worst Enemy?

Ep, even though you don't seem to realize it, you have become your own worst enemy.

You are.... day by day.....step by step....."improvement" by "improvement"..... ruining this site.

Older members are now reaching the point of real dismay or anger at how dysfunctional the site has become because we remember when it was easy, appealing, and fun.

New members are just plain boggled by the complexity of it all.

The activity feed is a mess and is just about useless for real time interaction on stories.

We are now robbed of even the pleasure of seeing the rating on our own comments.

The story page on friend's profiles is now a nightmare. One huge story and a small endless scroll of stories written by the member---almost impossible to search.

The little box to write whiteboard comments is a total joke.

Previews of comments and question answers no longer appear anywhere like they used to when we clicked on "more".

Gestures and gifts clog up the whiteboard and the only benefit I can fathom is to allow curious third parties to see at a glance what is going on between other members.

The reply function has made it impossible to follow story comments by others without continually checking a story. This is because only the writer of the reply and the writer of the original comment know it exists, in case you don't see why. This alone has served to curtail interactions on stories by a huge amount.

We can no longer look on our own story page to see who rated up our stories.

Even the page used to compose stories has become confusing, unnecessarily complicated, and doesn't work right. It took me several tries to write this story.

The list could go on and on.

You don't use this site the way members do, and you don't seem to understand what we want at all.

You are wearing me out with these senseless changes that you call improvements.

datura datura
56-60, F
39 Responses Jun 23, 2012

17 rating, pretty good for a story that's been up only a bit more than half a day. Thanks, datura, for another well-articulated story. <br />
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Please, EP, remember the saying "If it's not broken, don't fix it." The comment thread feature on stories used to be attractive and user-friendly. In many months of monitoring this group. I NEVER saw anybody complain about it, except when there were glitches with the replies. Why did you turn it upside down? <br />
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Why did you do the same uglification to the experience group home page, getting rid of an attractive format for an ugly one that hides polls and other features? It's like you're wanting to get rid of polls. I also NEVER saw anybody complain about the group home page.

Dai thapadiya movana siva ni mattum ean numbera yadukalana sathiyama sethuduva.da.punda movana una veri kondu thadidu iruka niya clear.panalana 2daysla policeku povean.

English please :")

I am a new user and yes it is a little tricky to manouver around. Hope I get it soon

Well said! Great piece.

I had a wth moment this morning when I was trying to reply to a person's comment on my story. I don't normally complain but I cannot figure out how to comment or read the comments in the new format so i just gave up today. Hopefully this new look is just a glitch that they will spoon fix. I haven't had an activity feed for awhile so i agree that is frustrating too. Sorry that you are seeing this and thanks for writing about it.

This is what I have been saying! As Well! So why is the Circle Friends Latest Activity in our Home Page back to saying there is not Friends and Groups to Show. This was a Bug 2 Weeks ago. EPArsinih said it will be fixed and was and now these Bugs come right back like they where again. I do not feel at ease when Bugs are Fixed. Because they are only temporarily Fixed and come right back again at a later time, being this Bug that seems (To Me) to be really the Settings for this Site. Plus I'm getting suspicious of something else here. But I am not sure If I should say anything about it.

please do speak up or i feel i am daily loosing my mind, err loosing stuff from my old beloved EP that's morphing into a new strange EP.
or you can pm me. thanks.

I feel the same way. The development of this site progressed from one of the neatest, and user friendly social network sites to a confusing nightmare. The useful features were substituted by useless, tangled up mess. And all the changes are called "improvements". I think you are very right.. the developers of all those new shiny features don't use this site the way we do, and don't realize what kind of mess they are actually creating with all the transformations. And so the pleasure of visiting this site transformed into a very frustrating experience.

Well said. It seems like they're doing everything to make the site bad, and I don't know why. I agree that the changes are frustrating and that EP is their "own worst enemy" in that what they're doing would make them lose "customers" or members. But I would hate to see many people, especially those well-known on here, leave; hopefully EP would eventually start really improving the site, including fixing these changes. I plan to stay and wait for that.

I agree. It was lot better when it was minimalistic