I Guess They Just Don't Care

Even after directly emailing EP staff babypeepee85 still has the same blatantly rule breaking "TOTALLY EW!" profic pic. Flagging doesn't work, and now it seems e-mailing doesn't work either! 

katnipkitkat katnipkitkat
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2 Responses Jun 30, 2012

If you read the "about" EP they began as a support site for people with physical disabilities. The original site allowed people to connect with other people who shared their physical problems. EP expanded to include people with other physical and mental disabilities or problems. EP tries to support people with physical and psychological problems, that's a primary goal of its founder(s). The "TOTALLY EW" that bothers some members may reflect other members who have psychological and physical disabilities or problems. Finding a balance between supporting people in trouble and keeping a safe web site is never easy.

That's why EP says that people can have their TOTALLY EW in their photo albums but not their profile picture. Because the profile picture is displayed everywhere that person makes an action or is added to someone's circle, which means even underage people have a very good chance of accidentally seeing it. The pics in the album, well you would have to go actually looking for them if you wanted to, they wouldn't be showing up on your personal feed unexpectedly (unless that person was already in your circle and you were into that stuff). Don't forget, if you were in my circle and you added a TOTALLY EW profile pic friend then that pic would show on >my< feed.

they take their own sweet time removing things like that, if they ever do.