Children In Mature Q's!

Months ago we were assured this had been fixed, it's not. Yesterday there was a Q posed by a 13-15 year old male stating he was 15 and wanted girls in the 13-16 year old age range to sext with him and exchange photo's, I flagged and PM'ed Arsineh who was here at the time, still that Q is there. There is a 13-15 year old girl answering one of the more notorious male members Q over there too. Just when are you going to protect the children? If they have to be here the very least you can do is to make them as safe as possible.
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I have been told kiddies can no longer post mature Q's, here's hoping!

Ive flagged a load of Q's by one minor this morning. Im guessing they post them in another category and they bounce but they should just reject the Q's

I don't think so, some of the ones I've flagged this morning I can't see what would have put them in mature, either way EP needs to deal with this issue for good. I'm more than slightly annoyed!

Odd! Some of the words that EP filters are pretty strange tho! THey should defo sort it out!!

I hoped it might just be one Q by a minor, first 2 pages of mature Q's contains Q's by no less than 9 minors, expecting us to police the site and flag stuff is all well and good but it doesn't work if EP doesn't do there bit!

25th of July, I have received a message fromm EP telling me children are now blocked from viewing or responding to mature Q's, you would think this was brilliant news, however as I've just flagged a Q posted by a 13-15 yr old 5 minutes age I'm suddenly less than impressed! They can still post Q's, what does it take to get this sorted???? I have messaged EP back, time will tell I guess.

Today's the 24th of July, I'm still flagging 13-15 yr old's on mature Q's! Will EP ever address this problem? The filters aren't working.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. The best way to help us address this issue is to flag the inappropriate post. I read in you story above that you tried to PM me. Though I do try to review my PMs regularly, though there are only so many hours in a day. So for all urgent issues--please flag and email

I did flag and report, it was still there more than 24 hours later, I don't think your filters are working as I've seen more 13-15's since.

Hey EPArsineh, I'd like to see you stop suggesting that people flag things in response to their story which clearly stated they are complaining BECAUSE they FLAGGED and saw no result. It gives the appearance that you are either not reading the story or are just using copy and paste to post a comment without bothering to remove any irrelevant or contradictory statements.

EP Support isn't anybody's father or mother.They can't do things that their parents should do.

Agreed but they shouldn't tell the adults on site that the children aren't allowed in mature when they are, it gives a perfect excuse for unscrupulous adults to say they didn't read a profile before adding a child and behaving inappropriately as they were told children aren't allowed there.

Ive seen that too, and lots of profiles in the 18-21 group that have 'Im 13' in them I flag them and nothing happens. EP should take child safety a lot more seriously.

This wasn't even that, hoovered my cursor over the avi 13-15 age group, EP says it filters that age group out, it doesn't!

EP says a lot tho :-/ They say mature q's cant be featured, they are all the time. They say hate q's are illegal and theres 2 about me that I flagged months ago. What they say happens and what does is totally different!!!

Very true!

There is really no way to police that kind of thing. Anyone can say they are what ever age they feel like saying they are. I would bet that many of the members who claim to be 13-15 are in fact adults and vice versa (sp) Parents and guardians are truly the only ones who can make any difference.

That was a large part of what bothered me with the supposed 15yr old wanting to sext and exchange photos. I agree parents should take more responsibility for what there kids are upto on-line but not all are great with computers themselves, they could easily believe this was a safe place for there child to be having read the TOS, why shouldn't the site at least do what it says it does with the filtering, I realise it won't stop the determined but why are we making it so easy for them?

There are many ways around these "safeguards", especially in a culture where the adults have trained the children to lie to get things they want. It's one of the consequences of prohibition and it's usually referred to as the "forbidden fruit" syndrome. If the "child" had not self-identified, you might never know, especially given the grammatical conformity to Standard Formal American English, or rather the lack thereof all over the Internet. Simple fixes like here on EP build contempt while more complicates ones build ingenuity. I always found ways around my parents' prosc<x>riptions of things like comic books and certain TV programs; with the internet, access to everything forbidden only takes talking to someone with a key idea for subverting the system. When I realize that one of my online interlocutors is under age, I do change tone and topics, but it is very difficult sometimes, especially in as freewheeling and open an anonymous environment as EP. --HXTP

This is true but when a site says certain members don't have access to certain parts of the site it would be nice to think that they mean it, sure kids will always lie to get to what they want to see but it doesn't mean we have to make it any easier for them than we already do.

So underage members shouldn't be allowed to have "those" thoughts or questions about it?<br />
<br />
Minors are always going to have questions about sex and all that jazz. They should be allowed to ask them and be able to expect a mature response.<br />
<br />
Having said that I also see your problem. I just don't see how to moderate such a thing fairly.

It isn't so much about the young ones, more that when I see a user asking for add from a 13-15yr old girl when I know how that particular person is known on site for being a perv it bothers me. EP has stated the underage don't have access to this part of the site because of there filters, this is obviously not the case

I totally see your point. It's just extremely hard unless they have a 24 hour real time policer on it or take the adult filter one step further an stop red dotters from contacting minors altogether- like no story comments or answering questions.


Who's asking for perfection? Just because a site isn't perfect does that mean we as users shouldn't bother to try and make it better?

Waste of time n energy ..which iz BETTER spent, ...on having FUUUNNN!!!! €:-P

True! I find minors in the mature section all the time, they are not doing anything about it!

Someone wrote a story about it months ago in this group, EP said they'd improved there filters so this no longer happens, we all know how effective that's been!