I Think A 'mute' Button Would Be A Good Idea.

I mean a 'mute' button next to the picture and profile name in the Q&A section.
Pressing it would make the person's posts invisible.

Many people have many different reasons to not want to see certain members posts. With a 'mute' button they would be able to filter out questions and answers from trolls, blocked users, rude people and many others who are subject of complaints in the Q&A.

There would also be less 'questions' with complaints about others.
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brilliant! How i wish i could put a mute button to some people in real life lol! Some people are really really really really really mean and toxic!they can even beat Satan in their malice!!! I am programming my mind attention to "delete" them from my eyes! And really enjoy good and sweet like honey people lol

This is an interesting idea.

Of course, I think the block function should serve that purpose. Right now, I think the block function seems incomplete. It can prevent me from reading questions I've answered, or blocked members from viewing my profile. But I've never understood how simply making me unable to comment on their responses to questions, rather than just making them totally invisible to me, is efficient or helpful.

If EP doesn't think oqo's idea is workable, is it possible to at least expand the block function? If I'm blocking someone, I'm doing it because I don't like what the person has to say.

I love this idea ^.^

Interesting and useful idea :) I like it. You are a very practical person :)

I'm glad to see this as I was going to suggest it as well. A "mute" or "hide" button would be really handy.... sometimes there are people whose comments I consistently don't find of value, and I'd rather not see them, but I don't necessarily want to cut off all possible contact.

What a great idea, I find that there are so many people who go off topic and rant and rave amongst themselves. Because of time differences or other reasons, coming in on a conversation mid way, it is very difficult to grasp the conversational thread. :)

Suggested and ignored by EP time and time again.

Thanks for sharing this. Have you considered using the 'block' feature? We are currently working to improve this feature and better hide content from members you've blocked from appearing in your feed.<br />
<br />
Blocking will also prevent the member from interacting with you.

Installing a "mute button" would be unconstitutional and against the 1st amendment rights. People have the right to express their opinion on here or any forum which is why I came here in the first place. Who's to say who is a "troll". There are many dysfunctional people here on EP that get respect that really imo shouldn't. Everyone needs an outlet for their feelings, to suppress them by censorship would be plain wrong.

StarWanderer obviously has no idea of what you are trying to say. You are not trying to limit people's ability to post, you just want to limit your own ability to see it. As do I.

EParsineh, you said : "We are currently working to improve this feature and better hide content from members you've blocked from appearing in your feed.." I do not want it to be IMPOSSIBLE to see what is posted by people I've blocked. That would enable them to slander me with impunity with me not knowing I need to refute it.

I would still like the *option* to hide all content from anyone I choose.

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