The Ip Blocking ***needs To Stop*** Damn It!!!

At first I thought that it was me personally who was being censored, since there was someone being a sooky la la reporting me. But I figured EP would disable my account first or even better message me before taking that drastic step. But it is clear that it has nothing to do with me personally. What I hI have noticed is that it is specifically with my Telstra phone that I get IP blocked - never on my Optus tablet or my
home wifi which goes also through Optus. So basically what is happening is that some idiot with Telstra smart phone or big pond internet at home is trolling and getting banned, and every other Telstra customer in Australia is suffering fir it! Whenever we happen to hook up to the Telstra server that happens to be banned.

I've lost a rather lengthy comment to somebody because of this, and i'm rather pissed off.
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I have been with Telstra for ages and have never heard of this. Thanks for the heads up, if it does happen I will know what it is all about. What happened to freedom of speech ?

it's nothing to do with freedom of speech. it's just that telstra is the biggest internet provider in australia, therefore the one with the most trolls as customers, therefore the most likely to have one or more of its internet servers blocked at various websites. when or if it happens (error 403 forbidden) all you need to do is go to google, search on "what is my ip", note down the ip it tells you, then you disconnect from the internet, reconnect, see if you can get on ep now, and then send an email to the address eparsineh gave in a comment here somewhere, saying which ip you were on when you couldn't get onto ep.

Please email with the IP address you are trying to use to access the site when you are blocked and we'll be happy to investigate.

Thank you! Next time it happens, I'll ask google "what is my IP?" and copy it down and fire off the email.