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Just A Few Suggestions

Instead of complaining about the recent changes again I want to add a few suggestions on making this site better, they might not work but it's worth a go...

1) Put our profile pictures back to the top of our stories.
2) Don't send our gestures to our whiteboard, the gestures were fine in a separated place.
3) I feel like Tokens take away the points.. we used to do a lot more with them you know send gifts and cards to other members but that has been taken away by the tokens so could we have something else to use our points on like different themes for us non EP supporters because our themes are rubbish we can only pick like 2 good ones. Also instead of using tokens to add pictures to our messages could we use our points instead? I just want to have our points to have a point to them again other than what their reason is now.
4) Fix all these annoying bugs everyone is talking about
5) Maybe send out a questionnaire to us members before changing something so you know how we feel about it first

I have got more but I don't have time to add any more right now so I will add some later  
RHSK143 RHSK143 26-30, F Jul 11, 2012

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