Dates On Story Comments

Many of us have written stories that have received comments over the period of several years. They have become time capsules of sorts containing comments from people who are no longer on EP, and in some cases, from friends who have passed away.

It was always enjoyable to read them again and see what was going on between friends at a given time. It was interesting to see that sometimes a story sat without comment for a year or so and then would get revived again. We have birthday stories that are added to each year and the comments tell a story as well. The dates are important.

And now you have taken away the date and it simply says "a while ago".

A while ago.

You have taken so much away from us. Can't we at least have a date on the comments?


I have also just realized something else that breaks my heart. Some of us have written stories in serial installments that start with the main story page and then others contribute to the story in the comments. Some of these stories have had much time, effort and love put in to  them. They can't even be read now because the comments will not all show in a sequential order. We got such joy from writing and sharing these stories. They are utterly RUINED. I feel tearful and sick.
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Pancakes? Yum! I am hungry! Get madmax here Datura! Sounds like fun!:)

Yeah! Datura..:( sadly? EP will never be the carefree place we used to hang out.....I don't even WANT to come back here except for a couple of friends from back then......Hope EP is listening.....This place sucks lately!.....:(

I miss that wonderful place, Ladee. There is barely a resemblance to the old EP we knew and loved.

Did EP fix it? Looks like they did! Maybe we should start a brand new day, sunshine and pancakes! Datura, thank you for being the kind and gentle spirit that you are! Love, Max

You always make me smile, Max. I wish you were here more. I miss you. You were always one of my special favorites. Love, Datura

I agree with you Datura. Rarely am I here for a variety of reasons but when I do drop it is annoying to learn of the "changes for the better". And if you do find a friendlier site please let me know.

I miss seeing you here, Aftermath! Remember the good old days and all the fun we had! I certainly will let you know if we find another more hospitable site.

You can see vividly from this thread there is very substantial anger among people who really care about this site about the continuing pattern of counterproductive changes to this site, including numberless instances of subtracting useful features that nobody was complaining about.

And, call me cynical, but I often wonder if when a new feature is met with anger and unfavorable discussion by members... and EP staff then sees how foolish the change really they ever say it was just a bug and then change it back.....?

This is nice

It is just not acceptable to have this new comment viewing function. The old way with pages worked fine. Please return it to us.

Sorry for the frustration. We are working to correct this bug, the 'while ago' time stamps are being replaced with more detail and we're fixing an issue which has been impacting how additional pages of comments display. We'll have this sorted out soon.

Please give us back the pages like we used to have.

EPArsineh, you can see vividly from this thread there is very substantial anger among people who really care about this site about the continuing pattern of counterproductive changes to this site, including numberless instances of subtracting useful features that nobody was complaining about. Please take this to heart.

i don't understand "awhile" ago, its just stupid.

This has got to be the absolute worst change EP has ever made. I've been able to adjust to all of the other changes even when I didn't like them. But this is neither functional nor fun to use. It's not even about adjusting here. It just doesn't work.

EP, you have messed up the comments so badly that we can't even copy the stories because we can't get to all the comments. Please give us back our writing. Please have some respect for our work and our time and energy that we have spent on your site. How can you be so cold?

I feel all out of words. The biggest anger is that I dont believe they even have a plan or agenda. I believe they are just playing, just tinkering for fun to see what it looks like if .. <br />
<br />
You are playing with peoples feelings. So many people have spent YEARS on this site shared and supported each other with pain, happiness and fun that life can bring<br />
<br />
You have been tearing it all down .. and for what gain? <br />
<br />
We are leaving, our voices are not heard.

I agree entirely, Tassie. With this one little "improvement" they have ruined something that meant so much to us. They have no idea what they are doing to us, and what they are doing to precious times we spent here with people who are gone from this world. I am just sick.

They can never say they had no idea what they have done to us. We have been saying how we are feeling over and over . They say nothing and change things all the more. If we were dealing with a heartless machine it would be different but the people doing this have shown their disdain by their continued actions. I shall spend some time tonight finding another site . But just like a relationship that has come to an end I feel very very sad. I did not change Ep .. you have changed into an ugly souless abyss. Actually I cant wait to find somewhere else now, somewhere I can breath, somewhere with fresh air

oh. ok. i see i'm not alone. we're in this leaky boat together.

you guys are not experiencing missing comments? i'm a tad jealous.

Yes, I have missing comments too, Nelladell. I think this must be how it feels like to live under a brutal dictatorship...always wondering where the axe will fall next.

bright side -- bright side. ok, there's got to be a bright side. ummm . yeah. something to be learned from this. i'm sure there's something -- if i can quit jumping up and down i can think of it --

patience? knitting?

Yes....hmmmm....bright side.....How about how to search the internet to find a friendly site that cares about it users?

whither thou goest --

We'll let you know what we find. As long as our friends are there, it has to be better than this.

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And now all the comments aren't showing. THIS IS RIDICULOUS. You have now ruined the pleasure of even reading comments on a story. Nothing to tell us the number of comments. No way to navigate to a given page of comments, and now they don't even all show.<br />
<br />
Are you trying to show your disdain for our little stories and the comments people share on them? Are you trying to show us that only what YOU think is important will remain regardless of how hard we try to make you understand?<br />
<br />
It's to the point where your improvements have taken on a passive-aggressive they're a veiled punishment or something.<br />
<br />

i need serious girl friend who blive in a kul guy.come from ifa isese family.what i mean is responsible girl

And now we have the jumping comment thingy <br />
<br />
I have a stronge desire to get hold of the obviously bored tech people and wring their necks!<br />
<br />
Arsineh, I dont want to believe you cant see that the site has been totally trashed.<br />
<br />
It's now like a tacky amusement arcade for children and teenagers with some kind of attention deficit disorder :(

Hey Sis<br />
<br />
This is the same as democracy. The masses rule, EVEN IF the masses are are undereducated freaking morons. Then we get to live with the sh*t that is the fallout. The dumb down the school system, accept trade unions in the military, elect an idiot to the presidency etc...... <br />
<br />
We have to create a microcosm where intelligent people meet and interact, so I suggest that we put the date in our comments. Surely they can't **** that up.<br />
<br />
love<br />

And it's ridiculous to have the name of the person making the comment at the end. Yes, I have the avatar picture at the beginning.....but some people change avatars so frequently that we don't always recognize them by it. And if it's a new person, we have no idea what their avatar is. Please put the name of the commenter back at the BEGINNING of the comment so we know who we are reading.

I said the same thing about a week or so ago in my story, oh well...:(
Guess no one really is giving a very sad.

rate this up up up to the sky!!!<br />
<br />
let's just no longer put up with this insanity! (but HOW???)<br />
<br />
THIS IS SUCH A HUGE STRAW IT'S A FRIGGING BOULDER, I AM SEETHING also after the IMPLICATION of your words just hit me like a BRICK!!! <br />
<br />
I am sick to my stomach. <br />
And utterly DEVASTATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br />
<br />

And there are no pages now either for comments. Only a box to click to "view more comments". EP, do you not understand that we use the page function? Why would you just eliminate it?