Please Respond With Authenticity, Respect And Support.

May I compliment EP on adding this to the option?
As someone who reports glitches and complains if I'm not happy, it is only fair to comment favourably on changesI DO like!

And this is one of them! Thank you.  It helps over-come the disingenuous comments by some posters that they "didn't know" they were expected to behave with genuine politeness!!

Thank you!!
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I applaud your attention & support for things that encourage thoughtfulness. I make a point of showing appreciation for such things. One of my friends makes a game of it with me & refers to the effort (especially when done anonymously) as "leaving smile bombs".

i was thinking this too. i especially like the "authenticity" part. support is meaningless if it isn't authentic, e.g. "i'm going through the same thing as you" when in fact they are lying or exaggerating to get sympathy. obviously you can't gain reliable knowledge about an experience from people who are bunging it on.

i think this link breaks those rules all ready<br />
<br />
<a href="" target="ep_blank">EP Link</a>

Thanks for noticing. Glad you like the update. EP is a supportive space and though must respect our community guidelines it doesn't hurt to add a few reminders and cues.

I agree, enna. Hopefully participants will consider this advisory before posting.