What's The Deal ?

I keep getting " POINTS" which as you WELL know are worthless here now since the Tokens .

There ought to be Currency Exchange here so people with all those points ( useless ) can trade them in for tokens !

I would like to share an example that is as close to come to describing how this makes ME  feel towards t his new points / token system. 

In my city ( Chicago ) we have what's called Currency Exchanges.   People can pay bills, taxes, city  stickers purchased  there........money orders, money gram, cashing checks, direct deposit..........you get the meaning of what they do ? 

As a    " Currency "   in this U.S. of A  wouldn't you pretty much  consider a no brainer if you walked into a place as such with One Dollar U.S. Government Coins.........that that place would exchange that form of currency for Paper U.S. Government Currency ? 

You'd be wrong.    They will accept it if a purchase is made.   

The other day as I stood in such a place, another customer came in with $ 28 in dollar  coins and until she knew he wanted a one month bus pass she was refusing to exchange these coins any other way.  

Well Government of E.P.   I'm asking you, would you honor your  own  " Currency "  or do  we have to keep bending over  until you are damned good and ready  to satisfy the citizens who have built this site in spite of your determination to self destruct?  
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3 Responses Jul 20, 2012

Excellent idea and excellent comments. Come on EP sit up and take notice. It's been a big backward step with the changes made. Being a subscriber is now pretty worthless and you aren't giving users a fare deal!

Yes, and I found it distressing, back when either points or tokens could be used to purchase gifts, when EP took tokens as payment, rather than points, even tho I had chosen to spend points... and 5 tokens to send someone a cute graphic is ridiculous... really... especially since it takes so much longer to build up tokens for participation than it did points.<br />
<br />
I'm very aware that this is a free site, and requires funding, but I'm thinking that the ads must generate a fair amount of revenue. <br />
<br />
This is not a sign of my dissatisfaction with EP... I like it here, and don't spend any time on other social networks. I have made good friends here, and I don't mind paying my way either... I do mind someone sneaking up and changing the rules without any warning... If I had known that points were about to be rendered worthless, I would have most certainly spent them spreading cheer, and showered my friends with gifts...

I have in excess of thirty thousand points - please make them WORTH something for me!!!