Unpopular Changes To The Story Format I Would Like To See Reversed, Part 2 : Altered Location Of Identification Of Authors And Commenters

Seeing a member's avatar is a way to quickly register in the mind who is the author of the story one is beginning to read or contemplating possibly reading. (Identifying authorship does influence whether I decide to read a story or move on. I know some people on EP stand out from others with their intelligence and sound thinking.) Until the recent changes to the story format, the author's avatar was at the top of the story. I liked having it there. Moving the avatar to the bottom of the story really rubs me the wrong way. It seems that a lot of people agree with me on this.

A similar change I disagree with is moving the username of the author of a comment away from the top of the comment to the bottom of the comment. Keep in mind, sometimes people make comments which are essays rather than paragraphs, and sometimes that's a good thing. Whether I'm going to bother to read a lengthy comment is hugely influenced by who wrote it, according to the same logic I articulated in the previous paragraph. The avatar is still at the top, but some people change avatars a lot. Please put the username back at the top of the comment. It looks mighty strange to have the avatar up there without its accompanying username.
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I'm glad the avatar is back at the top of the comment.

However, I still want EP to put it back at the top of the story as well.

count me in on this

Thia makes complete sense to me

I am really peeved about the avatar mumbo jumbo, it's just ridiculous and frankly, a bit insulting to the author of the story! Makes no sense to me at all, period!!!

Thank you, EPJoey. That's a change for the better. But I still really want to have the avatar always there at the top like before.

Me too - and I'm not just saying that because it's you

We put in a "hover box" so when you hover over the story author's name at the top, you see their image. We also moved the username to the top of the response.

Agree, rated up, and I see the comment part has already been corrected.

EP Loren, I can appreciate the sentiment of "not judging before reading the story" but I'm not sure it's about judgment as much as it is also time and convenience. I have fanned or added individuals whose thoughts and opinions I enjoy, even if they are different from mine. I like to be able to spot them quickly as sometimes it makes reading what they write that much more enjoyable. It's a bit of an assumption on EP's part to assume that people who would like the avatars back at the top would pass judgment at all....or that it was a problem to begin with. Most people are more open minded than that.<br />
<br />
Also, from the opposite perspective, the reality is that some people just write negative or hateful stuff all the time. I'd rather not read something half way through before I realize, "Oh... right... of course" LOL... So we all have our reasons for why we do and do not choose to read certain stories. It would just be nice to see the profile pic at first glance.

You are right about people who regularly post rank rubbish and nastiness. Some people do teach you that their comments aren't worth reading.

It was not only for the judging idea. Cleaning up the story title area gives clarity to the message of the page and rewards the writer for his/her time with a thoughtfully layed out page.

I can appreciate the intention, but I am also a visual person and I like to see the avi at the top as well...it looks very bland now.

I think I can agree that the username under the comments and separate from the profile picture can be confusing. The way the comments used to be, the usernames were under the profile pics, but since usernames tend to be longer than the picture, and some usernames can get very long, sometimes they would wrap or get cut off, and even if they didn't we had to leave a lot of space for the picture and username, so there wasn't much space left for the comment. This meant more scrolling to read the comment, especially on smaller screens like an iPhone. The reason we tried putting them on the bottom was so that you can start reading the comment right away. Although you say that you determine whether or not to read a comment by the person who wrote it, I would argue that the spirit of EP is not to judge someone before you read their words, so it's actually a nice thing to force ourselves to treat every person's words equally, and then afterwards see who wrote them. That was the point of moving the author info to the bottom of the story. By hiding their gender and age from the top of the story, it forces us to treat all people's words equally without any biases, and then afterwards reveal who the person is. In fact, after this change, we saw more people friending each other on the site. I hypothesize it's because by forcing people to break down their initial age or gender prejudices, it allows them to find value in everyone's words. Even someone older can find wisdom in a younger person's words. Or even someone who is traditionally sexist might realize that someone of the other gender can have something valuable to say. For example maybe you see a great story about someone falling in love with a man, and if you saw that the author was a male some people might already have some prejudices against this person and his story. But EP is about being open, authentic, and supportive. Maybe instead, you read the story, find out how moving it was, and realize afterwards that your initial assumptions about the story and the author were incorrect. You learned something new and are a better person for it. That said, the usernames at the bottom of the comments might not have been the best idea. I'll discuss this with our team and see if we can come up with a better solution.<br />
<br />
Thanks so much for posting this story and showing that you care. It's hard to please everyone, but I'm glad we are able to have this sort of honest discussion with each other. I think that's what makes EP special.

I am very grateful that you promise to discuss this with the team. I assure you that when I said seeing who made a comment affects whether I bother to read it, that had nothing to do with gender bias. I am for example strongly inclined to read all comments by a member of the opposite gender named Intelligently.

Agreed conceptual.

We moved the usernames to be on top of the comments. =)

EP LOren, what you say about bias is very politically correct, but I regret to say that it is not always my first consideration on EP! Frankly, if I see the avatar of someone who regularly posts "d'ya wanna see me ****?" or "c'n i *** u?" then I am not prepared to be philosophically generous and see if THIS time they are interested in discussing the WFC without reference to their intimate body parts!!

Thanks for the change!

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Yep, like the other changes I would really like to hear the reasoning behind this because (for all the reasons so clearly stated here) to me it makes no sense at all :(

For those of us that are more visual in nature the avi being at the bottom of a story is painful to say the least, whilst some change their avi's frequently most do not, it helps identify who the person posting is without having to scroll down then scroll back up again, it's getting so as I don't want to read stories any more, you're making it too challenging for the dyslexic non-techies amongst us.