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Flagging Pedo's And Other S3x Offenders

OK I have recently flagged 2 child molesters.
One is making a big deal about how he loves 10-12 year old boys and doesnt see anything wrong with it, the other is asking for a 15 year old girl to peg him.

Both these members still have their illegal stories up.

Both these members accounts are still being used.

Am I totally wasting my breath flagging these people?

I have also flagged the 'I family sex' group WEEKS AGO and I just looked, its still there with its naked avi which I also flagged and so are the members I flagged for creating it.

I have totally lost count of the amount of man parts and girl parts I have flagged and are still there.

If EP is going to have rules for using this site then why doesnt it enforce them?

EDIT: Hes still there, his pro pedo stories are still up a day after I started flagging him.

EDIT again: It looks like EP is deleting him but he keeps coming back and reposting his sick filth in a new account with the same name and the same avi of a little boy. Cant you IP ban or contact the police?

Nother edit: EP are removing him when they can YAY but he needs flagging when he pops up so keep your eyes peeled for the sick fecker!
Gemzaayy Gemzaayy 26-30, F 65 Responses Jul 20, 2012

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this is illegal eport him to the FBI--and they will track them down

Omg I just found this group it is shocking, contains over ten thousand members! Flag it please!

You bet I did. What sick people. They should get some help.

Thankyou :-) *goes to flag* Why does EP allow this cr@p?

Taboo only means it's something other people might not agree with. Yes some taboo stuff can be TOO much, like, sex with kids, them people should be shot. But what's wrong with people being into stuff like S&M etc? Whatever floats your boat in my opinion. Not everyone can be the same

you are so wright this is something i never accept i always block when i see this kind of crap!!!!! yes you are going find these people on EP i have my thing i do my profile is open to any body to see but not with children period i dont live in a make believe world

"Taboo" covers a VERY wide range of behaviours. For a lot of people, interracial sex is "taboo". For some, sex with a person from a wildly different social standing is "taboo". Adult group sex is generally considered "taboo". All forms of LGBT sex are still considered "taboo" in many circles. S&M, anal sex and rape scenarios are considered "taboo" by many, as well. None of these are illegal between consenting adults.

EP has publicly stated that they are *not* trying to ban all discussions about sex and just because the group is about taboo sex, doesn't automatically mean that everyone in the group is into doing it with children. If you want to flag individual users, posts or groups that specifically advocate **********, be my guest. But leave the rest of the adults to share our experiences in peace.

Because it shocks you is reason to ban it? Open your mind! People are different!

I went after that group a long time ago,Did Me no good!

I just clicked on the link and it didnt take me to the group so presumably its been taken down. I do agree with some people that some taboo is not illegal, its just that quite a lot of people dont like it. But it is asking for a lot of pervs tbh. Also sexual content is actually not against the rules...but somewhere I read titillation, I dont know. If people flag enough they will usually get taken down. Jowever I saw absolutely loads of 'people' post spam advertising some Korean businesses, exactly thr same wording using every experience they can and typing same thing over and over and those posts were still up when I last checked.

I am certainly aware that taboo covers a broad spectrum, and just because someone is kinky or has fetishes that doesn't necessarily mean there's anything at all wrong with that. It's when it promotes stuff that is disgusting and illegal as illustrated in the story above. Then there's a problem. It needs to be taken down and reported.

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I created a group for this very same reason sometime ago :

Just joined!

What the hell is wrong with EP? They say they do not allow ****** groups and stories, yet,there they are. They ask us to police this stuff and we do. But they should be specifically monitoring these groups. They have filters to " ***** " certain words, why not a filter on these ****** groups??? Screw that fantasy/freedom of speech argument. ANY group that includes "******" in the title, should be removed automatically for review.

I know I don't get it at all!

No ****. It is not like these people don't have a hundred other sicko sites share this vile garbage.
Major EP FAIL!!!!

It just gos on and on!

Well said, Lilt. I totally agree with you. It´s not only a fail. It is criminal.

I agree totally!!! Imean they got filters cause they filter stupid words like wife and s natch so why not words for stuff thats not just sick but illegal?

I agree too Lilt. And what a lot of people who want to spill perverted crap refuse to accept is that freedom of speech does not mean you can say or write anything you want anywhere. It relates specifically to the governments' ability to limit speech in certain areas. The government can limit and ban certain types of speech, and private, non-governmental organizations can limit and ban whatever they want. It always amazes me that people don't understand this. If it weren't the case why would certain words be banned from TV and radio?

Sad to say since you wrote this, for some reason the filter to **** certain words has been removed!! How odd

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Please flag this vile ****** group, I've been doing so countless times and still nothing has been done. I just don't understand it.******-Turns-Me-On/602873

On my way *grabs stack of flags*

Thank you. It really p!sses me off. They need to sort this out and get their priorities right.

Yeah I agree... and come on if they can bounce any question with 'wife' in to Mature why cant they auto delete any with '******' in?

Exactly. Not good enough.

Holy crap! 1079 members.....sheesh.



i will be watching this site very close i agree angelopink

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If you put links to these groups I think people would happily go and flag, I know I would, I always do. It would be like a mini ep sex offender registry.

I would if I knew any at the mo.... luckily i dont now but i will when I see them :-)

Keep it up, and spread the info to your circle as well. The more people who know, the more will flag these pedos and push them out the door.

Thankyou :-) I am doing!!! They need locking up

same i flagged multiple stories about this or ''explicit sexual '' lets call it like that and nothing changed

Its not good enough is it?


An involved citizenry is an important ingredient in any community's law enforcement and EP is no different and it takes folks like you to assist EP in cleaning up the site from the stuff you describe...

Good job

Thanks :-)

Your welcome

I've flagged *********** stories, too - also ILLEGAL.

So do I... sick b astards!!!

I did too and after months they finally eliminated the one I had flagged over and over.

it says in the rules your not supposed to post nude profiles howare they getting away with it

And EP dont care :-/

Good question? I see nude profile pics, and group avatars all the time, as well as stories where people post nude photos too. I have blocked my kids from being able to access EP as a result. There is just too much inappropriate and/or illegal stuff on here for them to easily be able to see.

I flag 'em!

So do I, but it often takes months before those things are removed and during that time period almost any child who claims they are over 18, and as a result has found a way to view them, can do so. My kids are very technically savvy so it is always a concern for me.

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Post their names so that we can block them. I block every body I see with a sick profile.

I will when I find one :-)

Unfortunately, it is quite easy for these sick feckers to get around IP blocks....all we can do is flag, flag , flag....maybe they will get the hint and go elsewhere

I hope so!!!

Damm, just once I'd like an opportunity to get one of these guys out on the street. These guys hide in their dark rooms all fuc^in day n nite!

That's true or they hide behind money!

So true.

post their profile sites

I havent seen any really bad ones but when I do I'll let ya know :-)

I suspect that EP and the people who write this can say it is just stories or fantasy and not real, if any LE or social services types asked questions. The who freedom of ex<x>pression thing probably applies, as long as they can articulate it is just imaginary and not real.

Not true. EP's Community Guidelines state:

No Sexually Lascivious Material: While Experience Project is open to the experiences that impact your life, including those that involve sexuality, Experience Project is NOT a place for fantasy, titillation, ***********, sexual harassment, or sexual solicitation. Advocating sexual behavior towards minors, or promoting behavior generally considered illegal in the United States (such as immediate family ******), is not appropriate, and is subject to removal. Likewise, do NOT send another member unsolicited or unprovoked sexual content.

What are their usernames? I want to report them.

Thanks :-) I dont know any on here right now but I'll let you know when I find more!!!

WELL done for doing this

Thank you :-)

I'm glad you kept on it. It means a lot. Sometimes I think I'm the only one who flags this sick stuff.

Thanks :-) And Im glad other people flag the sick freaks!!!

Good work as some people are SICK


Thanks :-)

It is not only that but the content filter needs to be fixed.

THIS IS ADDRESSED TO EP- There must be some way of presenting a "buffer zone" between the yound and the "pedo pervs". This could be controled by a select group of regular and long term "EP"ers if it is difficult to police. Each new young member should go through this zone along with any suspect new members of any age. Perhaps this could be modfied to suit the situation. Whatever is decided. if decided at all, lets just keep vigilant. I ASK EP TO ACKNOWLEDGE THE READING OF THIS POST.

As of today, there is no responding text, ARE YOU THERE EP?

I am a little late finding out, but believe me it is worth blowing the whistle. Even if it takes an age it will eventually happen.<br />
What distresses me is the number of young that are becoming members, not because I am a stuffed shirt but more for their safety. I try answering some of their questions, to help, but am blocked because I use adult content. If EP staff read our stories surely they must have a way of overcoming the blight that is paedophilia.

I have flagged people who posed inappropriate things having to do with ********** as well as inappropriate avatars showing genitals. I will continue to do so. However, I think we are being unfair to the EP administrators here in this post. They should not ban or delete accounts solely on the flag that someone throws at them. EP should and must first investigate to ensure that a real violation has taken place. To do otherwise invites abuse of the flagging system, which others have complained of in the past. <br />
<br />
There have been instances that I am aware of, of people put in "EP Jail" with their accounts frozen because others have flagged them for political reasons or because they simply did not like what they had to say. That kind of abuse cannot be allowed, otherwise we all lose the benefit of what EP provides.

Yeah Im not expecting EP to ban people just cause I say so that wasnt what I was saying at all its that loads of people flagged Meandmyworldarelost but EP did nothing until I kicked up stink on here basically. I know loads of peeps were flagging that guy days before I posted this story.<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
it is dangerous to allow pedophiles to connect and interact with one another.

I dont think anyone could disagree with that!!! Thanks for researching and posting the links :-)

Hey Janna, you say you know EP better than the rest of us? If you are such an EP veteran, why do you have a purple head and no experiences or stories? You just reminded me of one of my other favorite Internet flags...the RED one!

Oi, read my comment again, it says "MY SECONDARY PROFILE" and its clearly said "I'm not trying to be superior or anything, but just hear me out." And thats why I created a second profile just to COMMENT ON THIS STORY.

If your that used to EP then you would know secondary profiles arent allowed ;-)

Thats the only choice I have, I thought posting as a Jane Doe is the best way to comment on this. Look, the whole point of the comment is to help one way or the other. I just wanted to tell that dissing EP ain't gonna solve this problem, but create a bad impression. What you did was right, I agree, and I haven't dissed you or anything, even wished you good luck, but I just didn't want you to blame EP for the pedos. Because, WE are EP, all of us. We all have to work together to make this place a better one, rather than blaming one another. I don't mind anyone saying anything at me, I just thought I'd say what I felt was right. And finally, my intentions weren't bad.
Trust me, I won't comment on this story or to any other comments again, consider it my last, 'cos I can't see where this is going. And this, (I take the blame myself, comment war) is not going to help, not at all. But I am happy, that at least someone got my point.
Losing ones own battle to help win the war is better than to win ones own battle and lose the war. I believe all of us are trying to achieve the same goal. Free EP from the pedo and the sexual predators. And I'm more than happy to say, I'm behind all of you if this is your actual goal.
Peace Gemma, and all. Take care and good luck.

"Because, WE are EP, all of us. We all have to work together to make this place a better one, rather than blaming one another." If that is true then EP should give all of us the ability to dump their perverted *****.

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My browser will not allow me to reply directly to comments. So I will respond here.<br />
<br />
Janna, first let me congratulate you on your longevity at EP. But I feel your comments are way off the mark here. You say pedophiles want to...<br />
"talk to someone, and so registered here and started to post the stories, to let it all out. Simple. 'Cos a fcu_ked up life is what started all this. Thats the reason why they started all the b_llshit. More than 60% of them are who have been molested as a kid. This is proven. So you're just trying to block them all out and kick them out, and I believe they should be, but think of the times they spend here, maybe they'll find someone with whom they can talk with and maybe change. Just remember, those ain't fake stories, THEY ARE REAL LIFE CHILD MOLESTERS, RAPPERS, CON MEN, ALL THE CRAZY PSYCHOPATHS..YES. "<br />
<br />
Sorry, but that place should not be EP! To suggest that letting them "get it all out" here may prevent them from another crime, is absurd and naive. You even go so far as to say reporting them to police to a waste of time...because police are tracking REAL criminals. Yet, you acknowledge that the posters on EP are REAL criminals. Make up your mind.<br />
<br />
As a person who claims to be one of the first people to join this site, you should be more than aware of the danger pedophiles are to the children on EP. I do want to be part of the solution. But I will NOT be taking your advice to "talk to them" or "help" them. I will continue to flag and report. And it is not because I am mad at my parents or my teachers.


Exactly :-) If they want therapy they can go get it but not on the net where they can cause upset to victims (and pedos arent victims theyre the problem) or worse encourage other perverts to do it.

Agreed. And furthermore allowing pedophiles congregate together actually allows them to "share" ********* tips, photos, etc which only promotes the creation of more of the same,
evidenced here****-ring.html

and here

They aren't looking for advice, or help, or people to just talk to them to make them stop being pedophiles. They come here to share their crude, vulgar stories and fantasies about molesting children with other perverts because it gets them excited and makes them feel like what they are doing and thinking is common and acceptable. This shouldn't be the place for that. NO PLACE SHOULD BE THE PLACE FOR THAT!!!

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I have been among the first people to join this site, so I guess I know EP a bit more than ya'all do, (this is my secondary profile). I'm not trying to be superior or anything, but just hear me out.<br />
Its easier for you to say "EP can just take 'em down" Ok, child molesting should banned, rape stories and such should all say bye-bye to EP. Pedos should be banned, yes. But I just don't like ya'all saying EP don't give a ****. People above 18 cannot view or even add boys/girls who are below 18 (under default settings ofc) and that shows that EP actually does care about these stuff. First of all what is the purpose of this site? .. helping. Helping people. Maybe you never battled depression or never been stressed, i don't know that, but do you think those pedos out there are happy and proud of what they have done? They may say that they are but I'm sure they ain't. And so they wanted to talk to someone, and so registered here and started to post the stories, to let it all out. Simple. 'Cos a fcu_ked up life is what started all this. Thats the reason why they started all the b_llshit. More than 60% of them are who have been molested as a kid. This is proven. So you're just trying to block them all out and kick them out, and I believe they should be, but think of the times they spend here, maybe they'll find someone with whom they can talk with and maybe change. Just remember, those ain't fake stories, THEY ARE REAL LIFE CHILD MOLESTERS, RAPPERS, CON MEN, ALL THE CRAZY PSYCHOPATHS..YES. So if they can replace the time they abuse someone, by talking with someone here on EP, some little boy or girl out there is really saved. That is one point to think about, I doubt you've been an admin or owner or the entrepreneur of a place, with the job comes great responsibility. You can't just read one side of a story and take actions, you need to think about the aftermath and how its gonna affect people around.<br />
Secondly, you're saying these EP should IP block? WTF? Do you know every time you plug out the broadband ADSL router you'll get a new IP address? I don't think you know that. What if thats the same interenet connection used by millions of people, for example if thats a cyber cafe'. You are saying EP should go blocking all those IP addresses? Easy for you to say. Do you think EP knows which connection the a_swhole is gonna use to get back up?<br />
lol, you say it all as if its really that easy.<br />
And then you're saying, those people should be reported to police? LOL, the police are tracking murderers, serial killers, REAL rapers, sex offenders, REAL child molesters and all, WITHOUT MUCH LUCK! You think just some guy who posted about something he did a couple of years back or someone telling a kid to peg him will really push the police to track his IP address and find him? You're kidding me. How the hell is EP gonna get help from the police by just reporting a random guy huh?<br />
And then you are saying EP is promoting this type of behavior. I just wanna tell all of you who believes this as the truth, to just f_ckoff! EP IS THE SAME PEOPLE WHO HELPED MY DAUGHTER FROM SUICIDE. THE SAME PEOPLE WHO HELPED MY FRIENDS. THE SAME PEOPLE WHO HELPED ME, WHEN I WAS IN PAIN, WHEN I WAS SCREWED, WHEN MY LIFE WAS F_KED UP. <br />
You said yourself that, when you flagged the guy, he got deleted, which means EP IS TRYING TO SOLVE THIS PROB. How the hell are they supposed to know that the guy is gonna be back in some other form huh?<br />
Most of you, people who commented in support, I would like to tell you that, YA'ALL ARE THE SAME GUYS WHO WOULD GET MADE AT YOUR MOTHER AND DAD JUST COS YOUR ROOMS ARE NOT TIDY. THE SAME GUYS WHO WOULD BE MAD AT THEIR TEACHER JUST COS THEY FAILED.I myself hate these sex offenders and pedos as much as you hate 'em. MY OWN COUSIN WAS RAPPED BY A DI*CK FACE LIKE THAT, I hate them, a lot, but thats not how to solve the problem. <br />
Lemme tell you something, you want a peaceful world? THEN TRY TO BE A PART OF THE SOLUTION. TRY TO CONTRIBUTE GOOD AND ACCEPTABLE SOLUTIONS. RATHER THAN CREATING MORE PROBLEMS. Remember, EP is not a site controlled by a couple of admins out there. EP IS US. EP IS YOU. EP IS ALL OF US. We are a family, we are one. You wanna solve all the problems? Then help. Then talk with them directly. Rather than ruining the image. You don't go and tell your kids what a sh_it load their father is, cos its gonna create further problems. You talk to him directly, or his parents. <br />
thanks for reading this. And hope this child molesting stuff get resolved ASAP.<br />
All of you take good care. Bye. And sorry if i offended anyone, if so i didn't mean to. <br />
Gemzaayy, good luck. : )

Its not so much fear like sharks in a pool its anger that when some sick fck does get on here theyre not removed ASAP. Im not dissing EP I like it but that dont mean I cant criticise it when the admins screw up and imo not deleting someone who wants to peg a 15 year old and someone who was getting off on telling his pedo stories is a huge screwup.

i think its bcos we've been shocked at some of the things posted on here i have nt seen it on any other site used to b on yahoo answers and youd get reported for just about anything on there so this site isnt that bad in that respect. and i keep on getting adds from swingers which i ignore and at times i do find funny i find that kind o behaviuor strange and i dont think ima prude

well as regards under age ive been getting naughty e mails who according to ep are minors under 18 how do they get through the net

@ dain I know you so i know you dont support nor are you a ********* .... however we gotta be realistic this isnt the same as a shark in the pool.
I will provide the same two links as i did above, read them and you will see that it isnt innocent fun, its not about sharing fictional stories or fantasy they dont intend on acting on.... its about finding each other and promoting and sharing and encourage the creation of more child abuse...


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