Today's Problems 21st July

Today I find that I cannot "like" anyone's comments. This occurred briefly a few days ago but was quickly resolved.  Could EP please resolve this again?  Thanks.

Also, after a few responses there is sometimes a message saying "2 more responses" - when I click on that, NOTHING shows up.  This has happened consistently since the new story format came into place.

I don't know if there ARE more comments that are just not showing - or if this is the impish sense of humour of an EP programmer!  Please explain . . . .

(Note: this message occurs after comments on a comment.)

Whilst I am at it, I suggest you give some careful consideration to background colours for posts.  Whilst certain colour combinations may look very smart, those people who have vision disabilities may find the darker backgrounds quite challenging.  Maybe seek the advice of an expert in visual disabilities to suggest the most user-friendly background colours. . . . ??

Thank you for considering these comments.
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3 Responses Jul 20, 2012

Well you are lucky if EP helps you they seem to not care about there people even if you support them they tell you if you support them they will give you matter service well there are some people here that will say something about that. It got so bad for one of my friends she just left and this person was even a volunteer helping with new members get to know Ep and they did nothing so they final left. I have had my own issues with Ep I thought they cared but I was wrong some one on here is going around telling my friends that I have done something terrible to them and have told my friend some of my friends have lifted me and some are have problems with being my friend and they are caught in the middle I reported this to Ep and nothing well thats not true they did ask what the problem was I told them and so far nothing. So good luck if anyone listens to you.use to see the number of questions you answered like the total amount now you do not I thought that was good people could know know many question or comments they left. Oh and be careful they may not like what you but up and remove it even thou it has nothing to do with you mean I had something about I would like to improve Ep and someone with a bad pic wrote a comment instead of removing that guy's pic they just removed my whole story. But you will see many nude pic's and they are still up here. They tell you to report stuff you do it and nothing happens.I wonder how long this will still up until the find something wrong with it .

Sorry for the frustration. Still having trouble liking a comment? Do you see the buttons when you hover over a comment? Do the buttons not respond when you press 'like'?<br />
<br />
Please tell me which browser/version you're using and we'll have this sorted out in no time.

Thanks Arsineh! It occurs with Internet Explorer. If I log on through Google Chrome, I have no problem entering my "likes".

Yes, I can see the buttons in both browsers - buton IE, clicking on the button simply results in the icon whirling around endlessly - with no final result!!

If you can have that fixed it would be GREAT as I usually use IE rather than GC. Thanks!!

Update: 23rd July and I STILL can't "like" anything. Note to Circle and others: I continue to "like" much of what you say - but sadly EP seems to NOT like me at present!!

are you hovering your mouse over the area just below the comment, on the right?

Not sure why it's considered cool to hide the damn buttons. Like hunting for buried treasure without a map!