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Fans Again

I know people have brought this up before but can we please have an option where we can delete the people we don't add without blocking them? I have loads of them. It's just if we haven't added them it's for a reason so could we have a way we can remove fans we don't add to our circle?
RHSK143 RHSK143 26-30, F 1 Response Jul 23, 2012

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Thanks for sharing this. Please help me understand the concern so I can help. As long as you don't add the member back, they will never become a friend and will never have access to your private 'friends-only' content. Also, other members visiting your profile will not have access to the list of members who have fanned you, only those that you've fanned back. A fan, that you haven't added back, only has access to content that any other member of EP has access to--no special privileges. <br />
<br />
Does this help address your concern?<br />
<br />
Is it that you don't like seeing these accounts when you get a list of new fans?

No I mean in your friends list you have a fans list too and I was wondering if we can have a way to delete them from that list, I have so many and just want to remove them but I can't