This Is Annoying!

when i click on the drop down menu to check activity, mail and friend invites, ads block me from viewing the messages. can something be done about this? *sigh*
jerrica jerrica
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4 Responses Jul 25, 2012

I noticed that too and sometimes I can't get rid of it without re-loading the page. I've given up with things like that because such things seem to be part of the course with EP nowadays. I really did like the old style EP better. The more changes they make, the more I'm convinced of that.

i agree with you. i thought ep was fine as it was. the things that are going on now makes coming here a frustrating experience.

I still have that problem ..There's a Net Sim card adv. that was talking yesterday. It didn't yack today but the ad covers the drop down menu , pretty annoying

yep, net sim ad and i'm damned tired of seeing it lol. yours talks? i wish they'd do something about this.

I didn't realise that was happening. I use adblock so I don't see any ads. That's another option for you. :-)

i don't know if others have this issue but i do, just another one of many these days. what the heck is adblock? lol. remember, you're talking to a computer dummy here lol

It's an add-on you can get for Firefox and Safari and perhaps other browsers too. Which browser are you using?

i have no idea lol. with as little as i know about any of this stuff, i have no business on a computer!

That's frustrating--I want to get this taken care of for you right away. Would you please send me a screenshot of this happening so I can have this addressed?

*sigh* i don't know the first thing about screenshots. what about the progress on me being able to save my votes and seeing all story comments??

and why do story comments overlap one another?? the things going on here anymore are ridiculous and it doesn't make coming here very pleasurable!