Phantom Stories

I know one of the subjects of this story has already mentioned this, but I wanted to do so as well. I saw that two of my EP friends (Destry & Sylphy) recently posted some stories.

I clicked on one of the stories (or the "more" button beneath it) and just got redirected to my own profile page. Same thing with the other stories.

It is odd because it shows that some of those stories do have some views. Perhaps they were only accessible for a brief moment?

In any event, I will not be able to sleep tonight if I can't read these stories! Please attempt to correct this problem - if not for Destry and Sylphy, then at least for the sake of preventing my insomnia.

Thank you
sciguy18 sciguy18
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1 Response Jul 30, 2012

Where did you see the story? Did it appear on your feed when you clicked more? Or did you see a snippet of the story on a specific group page? Knowing that information and the name of the story will help us track fix this quickly.

I first noticed them on activity my feed. When I clicked "more" is when I was directed back to my profile page. I even went to the profile pages of these two individuals and tried to access the stories there. The same thing happened - I was directed back to my own profile page. I know that Sylphy has posted a story in this group already about this.