Can't Like Comments.

Since the settings on the comment thread for stories has been changed, I have not been able to like comments. When I hit the like button, nothing happens. At first I thought it was my computer, but my computer is running very fast, so I doubt it is on my end. I'm wondering if anyone else is having problems with this.
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5 Responses Jul 31, 2012

I've had this problem too, it's pretty frustrating.

Ah, well seeing as I'm on Internet Explorer myself that probably explains it. Thanks.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Knowing that the issue is specific to IE is very helpful and our engineers will get to work in fixing this bug, right away so you can be 'liking' again soon.

It seems to depend on the Browser you are using. If I log on with Google Chrome, I CAN make comments. If I log on with Internet Explorer, I cannot make comments. I have been experiencing this for nearly a fortnight now.<br />
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And Yes, EP, I can see where to click on and I do that. But on IE, all I get is the whirling icon that suggests it is being "processed" - except my "like" never shows up.<br />
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Please could you follow up on this EP? Thanks!!

I can "like" but I'm using Firefox and the font is HUGE across the screen. (I've emailed twice with screenshots, no change). Apparently it's the iphone setting but they didn't know why it was occurring on the computer.... so you might def want to go with chrome... I'll be interested to see if it works.


I've been worried that you just didn't like my contributions anymore. ;-)<br />
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I've had similar issues where the like/reply button bar doesn't show up on iPhone/iPad.