The new logo you've had for the last few months is eerily similar to the logo for Living Social's web site. I had both open today and usually I use the logos on my tabs to help keep them straight as I'm doing multiple things at once.  But I kept clicking on what I thought was EP and being greeted by a chance to hire a Brazilian maid to come clean my house for $50 instead of my usual EP feed.

I don't know what you guys can do about it at this point but it surprised me.  It's the same concept of multiple conversation bubbles overlapping and the exact same yellow, a green-blue that's near identical and a pink instead of a different shade of green.  Was this intentional?  If not, it sure is a strange coincidence.
Changewilldoyougood Changewilldoyougood
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1 Response Aug 2, 2012

I just looked too, except that living social logo doesn't look so much like someone barfed out the color wheel like the horrible EP logo.