Get Rid Of The Automatic Message Blocker


What is the point of even having a forum if anytime you try to contact ANYONE that is not ALREADY a friend { and this even includes those in your own circle } and this @%$&* blocker throws back your message in your face stating " We are sorry, but your message might have inappropriate content " ...

" MIGHT according to this forum's blocker means anything and EVERYTHING. "  

This doesn't stop the pervs from writing to me, but yet it keeps me from writing to ANYONE ELSE.

Either fine tune it or get rid of it and let US decide what is appropriate.

Additional reasoning behind this deletion of the blocker:

This blocker is outdated because it only works one way - in other words, anyone that has an " adult " profile can write to anyone but yet if say some guy writes to you you cannot write them back because
1} This profile is adult and you cannot write to them,
2} This message might have inappropriate content.

It doesn't matter that the perv wrote to you " inappropriate content ", but you cannot say anything in return.

Another problem is the blocker discriminates against EVERYONE. Meaning that I tried to send the link to a young girl's story { who desperately needs help } to people in my circle but yet the blocker threw it back in my face because my message had " innapropriate content "
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I agree it does not work

Praise the lord and pass the ammo. I knew there was a reason I liked you.

Unfortunately they will never do anything about it.

Censorship is illegal. In this country.

What I hate is when they post a story,confession or even a Q & A but then block all comments. If you don't whole heartedly accept their view on an issue, or even if you agree & want to show your solidairity with them you can't. Most of the time I get blocked from seeing a profile it is usually someone whom I believe to be under age & don't get disheartened too much, as I can usually say what I want as a reply to their story, which is safer, as all can see what was said by me & if I even suspect they may be juvie I only give advice about school or dealing with parents & peers, but never with any adult content.

Ok, what you do is copy the URL, then leave out the http:<br />
The screener is programmed to keep you from sending URL's but it's pretty dumb, so that defeats it.

That never happens to me.....

Do we really want to be treated like adults? Is there something wrong with a predetermined program that will do the thinking for us and eliminate what it deems inappropriate? I believe the next-gen program being considered will give a low-voltage "THWATT" when you complete a "morally corrupt" word here on EP and then take you to a site to be "reeducated" with more wholesome values.

If it is you dear BG or another offender than a smirk-reducing tug on your balls will be instantly rendered . . . legs akimbo or squeezed tightly together it matters not.

I think havign a program to do that is all kinds of ****** up.

The ball-squeezing for saying or thinking bad words and thoughts? Worried?

I am really new here but I have ran across this myself. Your right they should do something about it.

What's all this about? I've never experienced this... Must be too innocent :)

Yeah it's ****** up x_x

Sorry for the frustration. It's an automated system, and like all things automated it's not perfect. A keyword in your message triggered the filter. If you'd send me the message via email, I'll investigate and have this sorted out.<br />
<br />
We are constantly working to improve our filters, but in the meantime try becoming friends with the member you are messaging. This will relax our filters.

The problem is that YOU CANNOT FRIEND ANYONE because the blocker automatically blocks your messages. Another thing, there is no distinct wording that triggers the blocker... it triggers on ANYTHING you try to send. It is not just a word.

*applauds*<br />
<br />
Yes, exactly!

Stands and cheers loudly!!!<br />
<br />
I strongly concur, as I have previously stated on several occasions.