Why Get Rid Of Manure Topics?

Im not gonna moan bout the new categories in QA cause Im sure I'll get used to them BUT why the hell get rid of Manure Topics?
Now the perves are out in 'intamacy' or whatever and even the ones who try and keep in their bit cant any more cause theres no manure option or if there is its buried.
I aint got a problem with allowing pervey stuff so long as its legal if its in its own section but not having an 'adult' section when your gonna allow adult Q's is mental imo!!!
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3 Responses Aug 3, 2012

At first I took this at face value about manure topics which probably referred to scatological experiences but ba<x>sed on the replies it seems this was meant to be mature. Either way limiting the spectrum of experiences would seem to run counter to what I thought this site was all about and that is sharing over the entire realm of the human condition. Although i am not into a great many subjects including manure topics, I think they should be available. How else could one possibly learn about the fringes of society? I could care less who is getting off on them or that there are people getting off on them. Fine, I don't get off on them at all some I find disgusting so I don't read about them. I don't try to tell anyone else what they should or shouldn't be into. There is no possible good in censoring them either. i fail to see any study that show's how a child was emotionally stunted or warped by an image or story much less an adult. Place mature topics in an appropriate area like is being done of course.

Woops. Great catch, actually that was a bug. Will be fixed shortly.

Thanks :-)

it's fixed. Again, thanks for finding it, you're a big help. We appreciate when people report bugs (and are civil about it :) ).

Thanks and your welcome :-)

Mature topics didn't just have "pervey stuff." Anything with "sex" in it, including "Essex" or "environmentalists and homosexuals" got thrown into Mature. That meant the question didn't go out on the general Q&A feed.<br />
<br />
I'm not sorry to see it gone, unless removing the Mature category means questions will simply not go up because they offended the prickly EP filter..

Yes I know that, but now the pervey stuff ALL goes onto the general QA feed which isnt an improvement.