User's Stories Placed Under The Category Name

I'm not sure if ever this idea has been already brought up. If it was, please excuse me.
As the title has proposed, I thought it would be a lot nicer and easier to read stories of friends or user members if they go automatically under their designated categories just like when we try to browse stories here on EP.

Every time I visit a friends or not yet friends Profile, I visit the stories. There I can filter the stories from " Recent " to " Views " and a couple of tabs.

But if the stories are are placed under their respective name categories, like under Relationships, or Family and friends, or Health and wellness, etc,  then I think. . .visiting Profile and searching directly on that user's stories would even be interesting. As all the stories (let's say 400 or more of them) are all categorized. And can be recognized at one glance, and can instantly know what to expect. Having a glimpse of the stories lined under the named categories.

Update* 080612
A good friend has just informed me about his adventure on Account Settings. . .
Stories of members/users can be seen Categorized by going to Account Settings and to Beta Testing turning on that feature. And I did.
So the next time I clicked on member's Stories it showed all this cool feature.^^ Beta Testing is all worth a try. =))
Thanks Drk.^^
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Glad you're enjoying this feature that's currently under development. We hope that others will opt into this beta test and provide thier feedback as well so we can fix any bugs and make any necessarily improvements before making this member story category search available to everyone.

Thanks Arsineh. =))

Just now I was looking at someone's stories and noticed on the right side a breaking-down by month followed by a breaking down by EP sub-category, with links and the number of stories for each. I discovered it just now, and it's a change to EP that's very nice. That may be something like what you're looking for and what you're talking about in the addition to your story. There should be something similar for the groups we're in, about them being categorized.

Thanks Denise for letting me know.^^

Hey Lady R, great idea. Thanks for suggesting it to EP.

Thanks also for reading.^^

Good idea. Something similar I have felt we needed is categories for our groups, or better yet, topics (food, music, hobbies, lifestyle, personality, etc.) with with we categorize our groups.

Thanks Denise.^^ I'm sure it is a good idea.

Basically what you're saying is we need topical folders for our stories. How true! I have been intending to ask for that. With several hundred stories now, something is badly needed to make my stories archive less unwieldy.

Yes, topical forlders.^^ Thanks for the thumbs up.

This might be really interesting!!

Thanks Sierra.^^